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Mrs. Newman's indigestion session 3 by Mind Map: Mrs. Newman
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Mrs. Newman's indigestion session 3

Step 9

Review session 3

visualize the data and theory


structured concept map

20 minutes

Step 10

Management (for the individual)

based on:

patient's problem list, chest pain, O2, anti-platlets

goals, relife pain, analgesic (morphine), reduce ischemia, beta-blockers, reduce heart rate, lower Bp, such as metoprolol, nitroglycerin 3 times, contraindicated in hypotension, vasodilator, calcium-channel blockers, such nifedine, need more evidence, thrombolysis, break down clots, such as plasmenogen, look for it tpa, anti-thrombtic, anti-platlet, aspirin, look for mechanism, p2y12 receptor blockers, anti-coagulant, heparin, low molecular weight, warfarin, most of the NSAID, plafix, look for it, intervention, PCI, stent, she already had it, anti-platlet may be given, Clopidogrel, cannot be used with bypass surgery, as a first choice, coronary artery bypass, is basically making a new way for the vessels, related with risks, indicated if PCi failed, start LDL lowering treatment, niacin, to prevent further occlusion, statin


qualifying factors, monitor cholisterol level, diet, refer her to dietitian, avoid stress, help of social service, exercise, cut off smoking



Prevention (for the population)


control diet

bosters for awarness

not only for obese


other risk factor like smokers

hypertension and diabetic

don not ignore symptoms

60 minutes

step 11

Review and evaluate

Group members





10 minutes