Tour of Estonia

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Tour of Estonia by Mind Map: Tour of Estonia

1. Tallinn

1.1. Capital and largest city

1.2. Population of 417,000

1.3. Situated on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland

2. Rakvere

2.1. Tarvas statue of an auroch

2.2. 20 km south of the Gulf of Finland.

2.3. It is believed that it is the smallest town in Europe which has a professional theatre.

3. Tartu

3.1. 2nd largest city in Estonia

3.2. Museums

3.3. University of Tartu

4. Põlva

4.1. Is situated in south-eastern part of the country

4.2. The name originates from the Estonian word for knee (põlv)

4.3. Põlva has 3 schools

5. Pärnu

5.1. On the coast of Pärnu Bay

5.2. Popular summer vacation resort

5.3. A health resort of international stature

6. Kuresaare

6.1. Is a town and a municipality on Saaremaa island

6.2. The city is situated on the coast of Gulf of Riga

7. Haapsalu

7.1. Popular summer destination

7.2. Narrow streets with early 20th century wooden houses