eBooks at Summit

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eBooks at Summit by Mind Map: eBooks at Summit

1. in the Library

1.1. on a Nook

1.1.1. Student checks out preloaded simple Nook ereader for a week. 50 popular titles and free public domain classics available for reading.

1.2. in the Catalog

1.2.1. Students access ebooks through the catalog and either read online or download to their personal devices. Science collection from Impact on Education CIG. 25 - 30 ebooks, many with simulations access rights. Popular fiction and nonfiction titles acquired annually. 500 free public domain titles from Project Gutenberg.

2. in the Classroom

2.1. on a Nook

2.1.1. Staff checks out Nooks with preloaded texts to assist students in need of larger text or digital format preference.

2.2. to the class or as a class

2.2.1. Teacher accesses and displays ebook to the class or has students access ebook in a lab setting or through a link on their webpage.

3. with the Students

3.1. on a personal device

3.1.1. Students use vendor apps, VIA and Follett Shelf, to read ebooks they download through the Summit catalog.

4. Training

4.1. For Staff

4.2. For Students