Germany Becomes Industrial Giant

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Germany Becomes Industrial Giant by Mind Map: Germany Becomes Industrial Giant

1. Industry

1.1. Ample natural resources like coal and iron

1.1.1. Increased industrial development

1.2. Need for more efficient ways to create items

1.2.1. Industrialists and Government funding R&D, and promoting scientific discoveries

1.3. Developments in the 1850's and 60's

1.3.1. Infrastructure for an increase in industry

1.4. Economic developments promoted by Government

1.4.1. Strengthened German Economy Examples Unified Currency Reorganized Banking System Coordinated Railroads Raised tariffs to protect German companies during depression

1.5. Rapidly growing population

1.5.1. Larger supply of workers for industries

1.6. Dedicated and Educated workforce

1.6.1. Productive and efficient society

2. Otto von Bismarck wanted unity and strength for Germany

2.1. Wanted to strengthen Germany

2.1.1. Weaken France, created strong ties with Austria and Russia

2.2. Wanted to force Catholics to have allegiance with Germany, not the Pope

2.2.1. Kulturkampf Backfired, made peace with Catholics

2.3. Wanted to remove the perceived threat of Socialism

2.3.1. Tried force which failed Created social reforms to lure Germans away from the ideas of Socialism

3. Kaiser William II

3.1. Believed that he recieved his right to rule through God.

3.1.1. Resisted Democratic reforms, but increased programs for social welfare