Zoom, Zoom, Zoom Things that Go!!-Preschool Transportation

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Zoom, Zoom, Zoom Things that Go!!-Preschool Transportation by Mind Map: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom Things that Go!!-Preschool Transportation

1. Social Studies

1.1. Compare vehicles today to vehicles in the past

1.1.1. STRAND 1: AMERICAN HISTORY Concept 1: Research Skills The child demonstrates an understanding that information can be obtained from a variety of sources to answer questions about one’s life. b. Child relates past events with current events or activities.

1.2. Community Helpers-police, firefighters, mailcarrier, etc

1.2.1. STRAND 2: WORLD HISTORY Concept 1: Diversity (Contemporary World ) The child recognizes that he lives in a place with many people, and that there are people and events in other parts of the world. d. Child describes some characteristics (e.g. clothing, food, jobs) of the people in his/her community. STRAND 5: ECONOMICS Concept 1: Foundations of Economics The child demonstrates knowledge of the interactions between people, resources, and regions.c. Child recognizes that people rely on others for goods and services such as farm goods, mail delivery, safety or health care

1.3. Land, Air and Water-sorting vehicles on flannel board

1.3.1. STRAND 4: GEOGRAPHY Concept 1: The World in Spatial Terms The child demonstrates an awareness of location and spatial relationships.c. Child describes some physical features (e.g. bodies of water, mountains, weather) of the environment in which he/she lives.

2. Literacy

2.1. Freight Train

2.2. The Good Night Train

2.3. The Wheels of The Bus

2.3.1. STRAND 1: ORAL LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT Concept 1: Listening and Understanding The child listens with understanding to directions, stories, and conversations. STRAND 2: PRE-READING PROCESS Concept 6: Comprehending Stories The child shows an interest in books and comprehends stories read aloud.

2.4. Alphabeep

2.5. Row, Row, Row Your Boat-Iza Trapani

3. Art

3.1. Painting with Wheels-use small toy cars to paint tracks on construction paper-extend this to use large outside sand toy cars on butcher paper

3.1.1. STRAND 1 – VISUAL ART Concept 1: Creating Art The child uses a wide variety of materials, media, tools, techniques and processes to explore and create.b. Uses a variety of tools to create original works of art (i.e. cotton swabs, small/large brushes, drinking straws, sponges, sticks, fly swatters, stamps, fingers, scissors, plastic needles, rollers, and stapler

3.2. Buses-make with cardboard egg cartons painted yellow and add popsicle stick with child's picture glued to the top.

3.2.1. STRAND 1 – VISUAL ART Concept 1: Creating Art The child uses a wide variety of materials, media, tools, techniques and processes to explore and create.

3.3. Creates a city with roads using various materials-paper, rocks, yarn, cardboard, fabric, paint.

3.3.1. STRAND 1 – VISUAL ART Concept 1: Creating Art The child uses a wide variety of materials, media, tools, techniques and processes to explore and create.a. Uses a variety of materials/media to create original works of art (i.e. paper, rocks, sand, clay, plaster, fabric, fiber, salt, dough, crayons, markers, paint, chalk, charcoal, pencils, glue, and cardboard).

4. Sensory Tub

4.1. Bulldozer Table-use wet sand, rocks and vehicles that pick up.

4.2. Boats in water-tint water blue and add boats to table.

4.3. Outside Sensory-create a car wash with sponges, riding toys and towels.

5. Writing

5.1. Journal-My favortie vehicle/I like to travel in a....

5.2. Thank you cards for Fire Truck visit-draw a picture of our visit and thank you

5.3. In dramatic play are-ticket making and signs for bus station

5.3.1. STRAND 2: PRE-READING PROCESS Concept 1: Print Awareness The child knows that print carries messages. STRAND 3: PRE-WRITING PROCESS Concept 1: Written Expression The child uses writing materials to communicate ideas.

6. Vocabulary

6.1. fast, slow, vehicle, tracks, zoom, traffic, traffic light, airplane, boats, ship, travel, maps, community helpers

6.1.1. STRAND 2: PRE-READING PROCESS Concept 5: Vocabulary Development The child understands and uses increasingly complex vocabulary.

7. Science

7.1. Making Ramps-Make several ramps of different heights for children to play with. Investigate which cars will go faster.

7.2. Tracks A Wheel Makes-Let children drive cars through several different substances(water, paint, mud, shaving cream, silly putty, etc.) Talk to them about the differen tracks that is made in each substance.

7.2.1. STRAND 1: INQUIRY Concept 2: Investigation (Scientific Testing) The child tests predictions through exploration and experimentation. STRAND 1: INQUIRY Concept 3: Analysis and Conclusions The child forms conclusions about his/her observations and experimentations.

7.3. What Sank the Boat?-exploring the concept of sink and float.

7.3.1. STRAND 1: INQUIRY Concept 4: Communication The child describes, discusses or presents predictions, explanations and generalizations.

8. Math

8.1. Sorting Vehicles by Type-have each child bring in a toy vehicle, pile them up in middle of room for a Traffic Jam and then sort them out into groups:cars, planes, trains, boats, others

8.1.1. STRAND 1: NUMBER SENSE AND OPERATIONS Concept 1: Number Sense The child uses numbers and counting as a means to determine quantity and solve problems.

8.2. High Flying Math-students use wood airplanes to measure flying distant and make comparisons. Use yarn to measure the distant.

8.2.1. STRAND 4: GEOMETRY AND MEASUREMENT Concept 2: Measurement The child uses measurement to make and describe comparisons in the environment.

8.3. Graph favorite vehicle using floor graph

8.3.1. STRAND 2: DATA ANALYSIS* Concept 1: Data Collection and Organization The child collects, organizes, and displays relevant data. STRAND 2: DATA ANALYSIS* Concept 2: Data Analysis* The child uses data to see relationships and make sense of the environment.

9. Music

9.1. Choo, Choo, Soul-train songs

9.2. Wheels on the Bus

9.2.1. STRAND 2: MUSIC AND CREATIVE MOVEMENT Concept 1: Creating Music and Movement The child uses a wide variety of instruments, techniques and music to explore and create.c. Sings/moves to familiar rhymes, songs, and/or chants. d. Uses familiar songs, rhymes or chants to create her own musical/movement improvisations.

9.3. Karen Henley Songs-traffic light song

9.3.1. STRAND 3: SAFETY Concept 1: Safety, Injury Prevention Child demonstrates knowledge of personal safety practices and routines.b. Demonstrates Street Safety Practices • Crossing street • Car safety

10. Dramatic Play

10.1. Bus Station-set up two rows of chairs, puppet stand for ticket booth, paper, pencil, crayons, clipboards for making tickets

10.2. Boat-bring in appliance box-have students decorate. use small bench for sitting, and brooms for oars. Add props-life jacket, tackle box, some wooden dowel fishing poles.

10.2.1. STRAND 3: DRAMATIC PLAY Concept 1: Creating Dramatic Play The child uses dramatic play and props to explore and create.a. Participates in dramatic play activities. b. Assumes roles from daily activities using a variety of props STRAND 3: DRAMATIC PLAY Concept 2: Dramatic Play in Context The child uses dramatic play as he/she begins to make sense of his/her environment and community.

11. Blocks

11.1. Maze Table-use blocks to make a maze on table and cars to find their way out of the maze

11.2. Road Map-make streets with masking tape, add signs, cars and blocks for buildings.

12. Field Trip-Vehicle Celebration

12.1. Visit the Fire Station

12.2. Vehicle Celebration Day-Vehicles visit the school UPS, police, mail carrier. Have a riding toy parade with wagons, trikes and big wheels. Pin the wheels on the bus.

13. Home Connection

13.1. Book Bag-vacation book to read with parent. Bring a photo for our vacation album of a time you were on vacation to share with our class. How did you get there?

13.1.1. STRAND 1: ORAL LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT Concept 2: Speaking and Communicating The child uses verbal and nonverbal communication to share ideas for a variety of purposes