PLAN Results Distribution

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PLAN Results Distribution by Mind Map: PLAN Results Distribution

1. Analyze results

1.1. Move data docs to my computer

1.1.1. From ACT CD

1.2. Review data

1.3. Analyze data

2. Dissemination Plan

2.1. Questions

2.2. CCR Team Mtg Prep

2.2.1. Sched CCR Mtg to discuss options

2.2.2. Docs and Destinations Early Intervention Roster to 10th Grade Counselor Review go over profiles and summary reports w/ admin and CCR Profile Summary Reports Decie3e which charts/tables to share at fac meeting Look at college benchmarks w/ no college plans No post HS plans to Drop out prevention.

2.3. Subcommittees

2.3.1. To Students

2.3.2. To Parents

2.3.3. To Staff

2.4. Subcommittee Questions

2.4.1. What data needs to be shared with our assigned constitutency?

2.4.2. What form should that data take? Presentation slides? Provided reports Summary Reports?

2.4.3. Personnel? Teachers? To do simple explanation of data? CCR Team? Admin?

2.4.4. Location? Classrooms? Auditorium? Media Center?

2.4.5. Day/Time of Distribution

2.4.6. Form of Distribution Evening Presentation Event? Simple document distribution? Faculty Mtg Presentation? PLC Discussions?

2.5. Plans for use

3. Explanation

3.1. Develop list of options for CCR Team to Consider

4. Planning for Next Year

5. CCR Team Mtg

5.1. Content scores to appropriate teachers

5.1.1. PLC discussion

5.2. Techer should explain scores

5.2.1. Training needed

5.2.2. T's highlight "the wheel"

5.2.3. Reported needs

5.2.4. Projection for the ACT

5.3. Site

5.3.1. HR

5.3.2. English Classes

5.4. Best practices for students

5.4.1. Where distributed

5.4.2. By Whom

5.5. Members

5.5.1. Brooks

5.5.2. Orr

5.5.3. Young

5.5.4. Fazekas, J.

5.5.5. French

5.5.6. Clark

5.5.7. Hart

5.5.8. Brown

5.5.9. McHam

5.5.10. Webb