Seasons: An Integrated Themed Unit for Kindergarten

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Seasons: An Integrated Themed Unit for Kindergarten by Mind Map: Seasons: An Integrated Themed Unit for Kindergarten

1. Mathematics

1.1. Word problems using seasons. Students will work out math addition problems using realia (leaves of all colors, trees).

1.1.1. Ex. If I have four yellow leaves and Joey gave me four more leaves, how many leaves do I have altogether?

2. Reading

2.1. Read Big Book "Seasons". We will predict what the book will be about then they will tell a partner what they think the book will be about. After reading the book and pausing for understanding, we will talk about the book whole group and the students will write about their favorite part of the book. After, we will share with the group their published work after editing.

3. Science

3.1. Students will study trees of all seasons. We will keep a journal on what we notice about the seasons and how trees look. We will take nature walks and observe the trees in our neighborhood. We will then take a field trip to the local nursery to learn more about botany and write about their experiences on our field trip and the unit.

4. Social Studies

4.1. We will explore different holidays in each season

4.1.1. We will also explore different cultures celebrated during these holidays.

5. The Arts

5.1. An art project that has a large white construction paper for each child, separated into four areas (fall, winter, summer, spring). They make trees according to each season using Corn-Flakes for the leaves and paint them the colors of the seasons (red, yellow, brown, green for fall, etc.)

6. Writing

6.1. Prompted Writing with different topics. Teacher does a demo first then students buddy buzz and procede with their own writing and plans.

6.1.1. Topic 1: What is your favorite season of the year? Students will buddy-buzz with their partners and then begin their writing Topic 2: What do you like to do in the winter? Students will follow the same procedures as before and will continue the procedure for the remaining topics.

7. Dramatic Play

7.1. Dramatic Play area is integrated throughout the year by changing the season accordingly. The surroundings of the area will change (trees of changing leaves) as well as the food according to what grows in that given season. There will also be clothing that suits the season for "dress up".

8. Physical Movement

8.1. Song that integrates Total Physical Response and allows for the students to act out the seasons using their bodies. The song is called "Our Four Seasons".

8.1.1. To increase level of thinking, we will include a song that we can TPR weather (rainy, snowy, windy, etc.) that corresponds with the season.