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Ocean by Mind Map: Ocean
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Social Studies

Strand 4: Geography Concept 1The World in Spacial Terms. The child will demostrate awareness of location and spatial relationship.


Strand 1: Inquiry Concept 1: Observations, Questions, and Hypotheses


Strand1: Number Sense & Operations Concept 1: Number SenseCounts objects using 1:1 correspondence, counts a collection of up to 10, identifies numerals 1-10.

Movement /Physical Education

Strand 1 Physical and Motor Development Concept 1 Gross Motor moves with control, balance Concept 2 Gross Motor Development: Demostrates cooridination of body movements


Strand 1 Oral Language Development Concept 1: Listening and Understanding Comprehend stories, follow one step, two step and unrelated sequences of action.

Creative Arts

Strand 1 Visual Art concept 1: Creating Art. The child uses a wide variety of materials, media, tools, techniques and processes to explore and create.Concept 3: Art as Inquiry. Child reflects upon, describes and analyszes