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Ocean by Mind Map: Ocean

1. Social Studies

1.1. Strand 4: Geography Concept 1The World in Spacial Terms. The child will demostrate awareness of location and spatial relationship.

1.1.1. All week long students will work on locations, andn prepositions about areas in the ocean. We will talk about the sand being on the bottom of the ocean. The fish swimming in the water. We don't live near an ocean, but there are ones close in California. By the end of the week, I will have a large piece of black butcher paper and we will creat our own ocaen scene, with the children telling me the location of everything. Such as the sand, the fish, the whales and many more.

2. Science

2.1. Strand 1: Inquiry Concept 1: Observations, Questions, and Hypotheses

2.1.1. Why they Live where they live: Discussion: how some animals live near the top of the ocean where the water is warmer (fish, etc) while others live lower where it is cooler (whales, etc) Then show them that hot water rises by filling a clear container with cold water. Next add blue hot water (dye with blue food coloring) The hot blue water will rise to the top of the pitcher. Then ask students why they saw? Why they think this happens? What they think would happen if the water was just hot/cold?

3. Math

3.1. Strand1: Number Sense & Operations Concept 1: Number SenseCounts objects using 1:1 correspondence, counts a collection of up to 10, identifies numerals 1-10.

3.1.1. New node

4. Movement /Physical Education

4.1. Strand 1 Physical and Motor Development Concept 1 Gross Motor moves with control, balance Concept 2 Gross Motor Development: Demostrates cooridination of body movements

4.1.1. Catch the fish: Students will sit in a circle and they will each hold a paper fish. The one in the middle of the cirlce will have a shark. The shark will walk around the circle and find a fish. The student that the shark taps on the head will then run from the shark. Octopus Crawl: The students are on the ground and they must balance themselves on their stomachs and wiggle their arms and legs like and octopus, they can scoot about with their legs.

5. Literacy

5.1. Strand 1 Oral Language Development Concept 1: Listening and Understanding Comprehend stories, follow one step, two step and unrelated sequences of action.

5.1.1. During circle: Teacher will read: House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle, An Octupus followed me home by Dan Yaccarrino,Ocean Hide and Seek by Jennifer Evans Kramer each day Students will then tell the class 3 things they remember in the sequence that is was told in the story.

6. Creative Arts

6.1. Strand 1 Visual Art concept 1: Creating Art. The child uses a wide variety of materials, media, tools, techniques and processes to explore and create.Concept 3: Art as Inquiry. Child reflects upon, describes and analyszes

6.1.1. Day 1: Students learn about the ocean, and then asked to create a sea creature of their own. By the end of the week the students will create their own ocean in a jar:Combine a few seashells, some blue food coloring, a little veg oil, and water in a baby food jar. Seal the jar with hot glue (Adult Only). The kids shake it to mix the oil and water and then watch what happens. The students will then be asked to talk about their "ocean"