TMS Class of 2022

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TMS Class of 2022 by Mind Map: TMS Class of 2022

1. TTHS Cribs

1.1. Hire an editor

2. MUSIC Theme

2.1. I'm still standing

2.2. More songs from Elton John

2.3. Goodbye yellow brick road

2.4. I'm still standing

2.4.1. pictures that go with the words 'winning' - game 'feeling like a little kid' - pictures of you guys younger 'behind that mask you use' - 5th graders with masks 'I'm still standing' we're stronger than before

2.5. Starman - Bowie

2.6. I'll be there for you

2.7. Unwritten

2.8. You can count on me...

2.9. 1 call away (callback from the K stepping up video)

3. TAOTS SONG - It don't mean a thing...

3.1. DooWat DooWat

3.2. Change the Verse

3.3. All Close ups

3.4. 5th Graders worked for over a month

3.5. Harlem Ren shout to Pam

4. TAOTS Kinder Video

4.1. Old photos

4.2. What have you learned

4.3. Sing a song/do a dance

5. TAOTS 5th grade video - Meta Movie within a Movie idea

5.1. 5-235 Cinema Scene

5.1.1. One kid is trying to go back to remote learning (for some reason), and the whole class get's sent back to remote...

5.2. Some of the kids think the things that happened in the old videos are real. Like going back in time, or going into the future.

5.2.1. Some kids go to teachers to ask if they can go back to relive some favorite part of TAOTS

5.2.2. ASK the Kids: What would you want to do if you could go back to do it? Autditorium talent show spring concert. etc. Each Class Gets 3 Scenes Adventure Park Halloween Tribes Mixer throwing snowballs at the teachers Going back to K Put big clothes on little actors - do a close up wink Old Trip Photos (photos???) Some of the kids appear in the K Stepping Up Clips

5.2.3. Put the kids into old photos... Show old videos

5.2.4. Josh turns back into a kid - Big 1988 Ending Scene - Tom Hanks

5.3. The Muppet Movie: Opening

6. TAOTS Pam Video

6.1. Statements from all

6.2. Photos & Clips from Old Videos

7. 88 Sound of Music & others...

7.1. 88 Trip to the Farm?

8. IDP - Announcements, Poetry Video

9. 32 (Editing & in-Person)

9.1. 32 Poetry

9.2. 32 Dag

9.3. 32 4th - Growing Activists

9.4. 32 Maggie

10. Bronx Delta (Editing)

11. 205 Immigration Pod


13. 32 Plan the Summer Flyer

14. 51 Final RULER & minimal check-ins

15. Staten Island ???

15.1. Push some to next year

15.2. Hire someone