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Research ecosystem by Mind Map: Research ecosystem
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Research ecosystem


How am I doing?

Member of science


Collaboration blogs,

Project team wiki pages

Google+, In Spring 2014, Google announced it will reduce resources allocated to this


Slideshare, See also SpeakersDeck

Interviews in radio, TV or web

Podcasts, videocasts

Other media

Member of present and past organizations

University-wide or nation-wide CRIS systems, e.g Tuhat (Univ of Helsinki), CRISTIN (Norway), May include project and funding capabilities

Me, myself and I

University dept home page, e.g.


Google Scholar Citations, e.g.

ImpactStory altmetrics profile, e.g.

Other home in the internet (blog, portfolio etc)



Altmetrics, Aggregators,, More detailed data with a commercial license, e.g. which tweets linked which article, Tracks mentions of scholarly works on social media sites, scholarly bookmarking services and in science news outlets., Platform as a service (PAAS), for-profit, supported by Digital Science, a Macmillan company, API, Doughnut, rAltmetric R library, ImpactStory, Point to your research products in Slideshare, GitHub, Dryad. Import items from Google Scholar profile or a BibTex file., API, Javascript widget, rImpactStory R library, Support ends mid-Jan 2014, concentrating in profiles, Not-for-profit, supported by Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Plum Analytics, "The Plum Analytics Directory showcases the researchers at your university organized by department, lab, etc.", For-profit, PAAS for libraries and universities, PlumX, Dashboard of summaries and viz's, PLOS Article-Level Metrics (ALM),, API, alm R library, Data sources, CitedIn, Citedin is a combination of a searchable database and webservice for citations in the literature, biomedical databases, blogs, books and wiki's. It is provided by the department of Bioinformatics of Maastricht University, Search: PubMed ID, PubMed Central, Free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM), OAI Open Archive Service, Visibility by publishers, Article-level metrics, PLoS, Example:, BioMed Central, Example:, SAGE Open, Example:;3/1/2158244013476052, JMIR, Example:, PeerJ, Example:, eLIFE, Example:, Co-Action Publishing, ALM for every publication, powered by PLoS, Example:, Royal Society for Chemistry,, Visibility by organizations, Terkko, Example:, Purdue e-Pubs, Example:, Visibility on researchers' site/profile, Example:, Example:, Elsevier (pilot)

Types of new or potential new metrics, Reputation, Example:, Rating score of papers, Example from social media:, As a result of the automatic Frontiers Evaluation System, the top 10% articles in a tier are democratically selected for review as prestigious higher tier articles., Quantitative assessment of reviewer contributions by an open review process, Data citations, Data Citation Index (Thomson Reuters), DataCite, not-for-profit organisation, Example of DataCite DOI at Purdue:, EZID service, Ranking journals, conferences, Using PageRank algorithm, SJR Indicator, Eigenfactor, Using h-index, Google Scholar Metrics,, Using social-based rankings, Alhoori, Furuta: Can Social Reference Management Systems Predict a Ranking of Scholarly Venues?

Citation producers

CrossRef, An independent membership association, founded and directed by publishers. Also the official DOI link registration agency

PubMed Central

Thomson Reuters WoS

Elsevier Scopus, The number of altmetric "citations" producers in the web are basically limitless. In practice, altmetric aggregators offer metrics only for a limited number of these.

Data repositories

(Open Access) journals

Identification, disambiguation

Documents, DOI, URN, CNRI Handle, The DSpace community. DSpace is a popural platform in university repositories

Data, DOI, URN, CNRI Handle, Special issues: granularity, dynamic data, version control, One proposal from the WG on Data Citation of Research Data Alliance: PID (persistent information identifier) is assigned to a time-stamped database query

Other artifacts

People, VIAF (Virtual International Authority File), Researcher ID (Thomson Reuters), You can pass info on ID and publications between ResearcherID and ORCID, Make and ID and claim which articles are yours, Example: (, ORCID, Integration with eg FigShare,, Example:, ISNI, National Library will implement this, Publisher dependent, so you can end up having many

Impact outside traditional science practises

Making science understandable,, Coop with citizen science

Other outreach

Advocating Open Science


Writing, One-time, Reproducible research, IPython Notebooks, Blogging from the notebook with Nikola, Google Docs + Google Chrome + IPython. The IPython kernel runs in the Chrome browser,, RMarkdown,, the data is associated with the proposed scientific endeavour prior to or at the point of creation rather than by annotating the data with commentary after the experiment has taken place, rOpenSci, OpenCPU, "OpenCPU is a software system for embedded statistical computation and reproducible research. The server exposes a web API interfacing R, Latex and Pandoc. This API is used for example to integrate statistical functionality into systems, share and execute scripts or reports on centralized servers, and build R based "apps". The OpenCPU server can run either as a single-user server inside the interactive R session (for local use and development), or as a cloud server that builds on Linux and rApache.", Push,, myExperiment,, Collaboration, Authorea online collaborative editor. LaTeX and Markdown. Dropbox or GDrive integration, Git versioning, IPython integration, Plotly, A collaborative document on scientific markup languages, Alone

Reference and literature management, Zotero, Mendeley, Papers, CiteULike, Connotea, See Mendeley+Zotero+Papers Connect Pro session recorded at Aalto in 2011 (ask for the URL), RefWorks, Diigo, Delicious etc web bookmarking services, Google Scholar Library,

Citing previous research, Search ID, DOI, example = doi:10.1186/1752-0509-1-8, Citation recommendations, see, ArXiv ID, example = arXiv:1209.1571, Citing newer version: arXiv:1209.1571v2, PubMed ID, example = EDAM:0001187, URN, example (article) =

Dissemination of work and data, Data and code repositories, Figshare,, Data can be pushed to ORCID, GitHub integration, EU initiatives, OpenAIRE, Research should deposit articles to the repository of their local university. The repository has to be compatible with OpenAIRE. In case of no repository, OpenAIRE offers one (now followed by Zenodo), Zenodo, GitHub integration,, The goal of is to create a global registry of research data repositories, Dryad, Local, National initiatives, TTA (CSC), IDA, Finnish Social Science Data Archive, Strategy 2013-2016: expanding to health, humanities and behavioural sciences, Universities, Research field -specific, example: FIN-CLARIN, GitHub, Bitbucket etc, Issues: anonymization, licenses, description, one-time/cumulative/dynamic, granularity, preservation, Peer-review, Traditional peer review process, Integrated with Open Access publishing, Example: PeerJ, Example: F1000Research, Third-party peer-review, Rubriq,, Peerage of Science,, Open, PaperCritic,, Publications from Mendeley, Publication repositories, Preprint, News: European Research Council will start to support ArXiv, Check Sherpa/RoMEO, Publishing, "Gold" open access in an open-access journal, May include processing fee, "Green" open access by self-archiving, Institutional repository, Central repository eg PubMed Central, RoMEO is a searchable database of publisher's policies regarding the self- archiving of journal articles on the web and in Open Access repositories, Postprint, Check Sherpa/RoMEO, Data journals, Example (life and biomedical sciences):, Example:, Example:, List of journals:, Issue: is data publication the right metaphor for your data? Is your data smallish (suitable for publication), Big, research lab -type, for map making or linked? See, Micropublications, data article, PLOS, F1000Research starting in fall 2013, Cooperative publishing (mainly in developing countries), Scientific Electronic Library Online SciELO, see, Amplifying services, "profile boost", branding,

Funding, Data management plan,,, (aineistonhallintasuunnitelma),

Support structures, eScholarship, MERIL database of European research infrastructures, Science Exchange, Science Exchange is an online service that allows scientists to outsource their research to scientific institutions such as university facilities or commercial contract research organizations, Organizing the research project, Example: Projects, Mozilla Science Lab, Code review, see eg, Software Carpentry, Open Science Framework,, Hack you PhD,, Force11

Massively collaborative projects, Example: Polymath

What should I read?

Research area forecasting

CRIS visualizations, Example:

Science and researcher discovery networks

VIVO, VIVO is an open source semantic web application originally developed and implemented at Cornell. When installed and populated with researcher interests, activities, and accomplishments, it enables the discovery of research and scholarship across disciplines at that institution and beyond.

Suggest and discovery services

Altmetrics as a linking service

Personalized news feeds,


Jason Priem, Heather A. Piwowar, Bradley M. Hemminger: Altmetrics in the Wild: Using Social Media to Explore Scholarly Impact

Herbert Van de Sompel : Paint-Yourself-In-The-Corner Infrastructure

Ling Ke: How to organise 250 million research papers

Some Quora topics

Richard Cave: Overview of the altmetrics landscape

Comparison of research networking tools and research profiling systems

Comparison of some open data repositories

Tutkimusdatan hallinnan tilannekartoituksen raportti

Maximizing the impacts of your research: a handbook for social scientists

DOAJ (directory of open access journals) - where we are and what next?

Push, Pull, Fork: GitHub for Academics

Nature special issue of scientific publishing

CSC - Datanhallinnan opas