Julius Caesar Act I

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Julius Caesar Act I by Mind Map: Julius Caesar  Act I

1. Accoutered

1.1. dressed

1.2. This word is important because it shows one of Caesar's weaknesses in his inability to swim.

1.2.1. Cassius: Upon the word, accoutered as i was, i plunged in and Bade him follow.

2. Defining this word is important because it is what Casca describes when he is talking about the strange things that he thinks are signs that he sees. He also says he thinks the tempest/storm is a sign.

2.1. very strong storm

3. Casca: I have seen tempests when the scolding winds have rived the knotty oaks...

4. Defining this word is important because it comes up when Casca is talking about all the strange things he sees during the storm. He is saying that he thinks they are bad omens.

5. this word is important, because it shows that Julius Caesar will become king.

6. I saw Antony offer him a crown-yet 'twas not crown neither 'teas it one of these coronets.

7. Small crown made out of laurel branches

8. Portentous

8.1. Casca: For I believe theyare portentous things unto the climate that they point upon.

8.2. ominous, threatening, full of foreboding

9. Infirmity- Without knowing the meaning you wouldn't know what Caesar wants to tell his people

9.1. Moral of Physical Weakness

9.2. When he came to himself again, he said, if he had done or said anything amiss, he desired their worships to think it was his infirmity

10. Tempests