Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Golman)

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Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Golman) by Mind Map: Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Golman)

1. Self awareness

1.1. Clear picture of my strengths and weaknesses

1.2. Humility

1.3. how can I improve

1.3.1. keep journal

1.3.2. manage my emotions positive emotions affect others in a positive constructive way negative emotions frustration/irritation worry/nervousness anger/aggravation dislike disappointment/unhappiness

2. Self Regulation

2.1. Know your values

2.1.1. what is your personal code of ethics?

2.2. Hold yourself accountable

2.2.1. admit your mistakes and face the consequences

2.3. practice being calm

3. Motivation

3.1. Reexamine why you are doing this

3.2. Know where you stand

3.3. Be hopeful and find something good

4. Empathy

4.1. Put yourself in someone elses position

4.2. Body Language

4.3. Respond to feelings

5. Social Skills

5.1. Learn conflict resolution

5.2. improve communication skills

5.3. give praise