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K Linkedin Outreach by Mind Map: K Linkedin Outreach

1. Snippets

1.1. Oh amazing! Great stuff. You’ve definitely got that diversity there to help a lot of people! Love that. I’ve always really been a coach in one shape or another. Either from me coaching Taekwondo, to running my gyms and coaching clients, then employees, then teaching is kind of coaching and mentoring too. And through that I found my knack for business coaching!

1.2. Ah amazing! how long have you been doing that for now then? As for me… I’m in the business of helping other businesses grow :slightly_smiling_face: BUT my main interest is my new son! He’s just amazing and so my interest right now is learning how to be the best dad ever!

2. Messages

2.1. Hi [first_name] - Came across your profile, love what you're doing with XYZ so, thought it would be good to connect! How'd you get into doing XYZ? - Cheers!

2.1.1. Hey [first_name]! Curious, what are you currently doing right now to drive more sales for your business either maybe paid ads, Organic Growth or even, just online business growth strategies? Do you have any specific approach you use right now that’s working well? (Or maybe NOT working so well?) I ask because I’m always looking to learn more about what’s working (or what isn’t!) for B2B & B2C Entrepreneurs. I work with clients to increase their growth by helping them find more qualified clients faster than ever! It’s specifically focused on how fitness coaches can get more business if you’re interested? And if not, no worries at all. Either way, curious to hear your thoughts on Organic Growth strategies, Ads and Online Business Strategies, and what’s working well for you right now! Quick reminder... Making sure you saw the above! ? Gotcha, so curious What do you feel is maybe keeping you from generating the growth you want in business right now? Yeah interesting. I think that might be something we could possibly help you with. Would you be open to having a quick 10-15minute call in the next couple of days to see if it makes sense to setup a fitness business growth system?

2.1.2. [first_name] - Thanks so much for connecting with me here on LinkedIn! I wanna hear more about your work - hit "reply" and tell me about what you're up to, how things are going and what type of audiences you serve. The reason I ask is that I work with a ton of entrepreneurs so I’m always curious to learn more about what’s working (or what isn’t!) right now in the space. Real quick about me: I help B2B Entrepreneurs in the SaaS, Agency, Coaching industries get 10-15 daily booked calls while adding 85K MRR in 12 months or less by providing a lethal appointment setting team with the systems behind them! Excited to connect and learn more about you and how things are going!