Child Neglect

Child neglect simply means that a parent or gaurdians fails to meet the basic needs of a child.

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Child Neglect by Mind Map: Child Neglect

1. What populations are affected most by child neglect

1.1. Source 6: Who suffers the most in Child Neglect?

1.1.1. Source 7:

1.1.2. Source 8:

2. Who is affected by child neglect?

2.1. Source 1: Children of child neglect?

2.1.1. Source 2:

3. When did this issue become named child neglect?

3.1. Source 10: A Law for Child Neglect

4. What are some preventions to child neglect?

4.1. Source 9: How to prevent child neglect

5. What is the current policy on child neglect?

5.1. Source 4: Child Abuse Policy

5.1.1. Source 5: Better Child Advocates

6. What are signs of child neglect?

6.1. Source 3: Warnings of Child Neglect