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August Pullman - Auggie by Mind Map: August Pullman - Auggie
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August Pullman - Auggie

Olivia - Via

Via is Auggie's sister. She really loves him and is devoted to him, she is very protective. For example she would yell at people who stared at him, What are you looking at?

Jack Will

He is Auggie's friend. Mr. Tushman introduced him to Auggie and he was kind enough to become a real friend. Once, they had a misunderstanding, but made up.


Summer is very kind to Auggie. She can also see past the outside of people. How I know is that she walked over to Auggie who was sitting alone, even though he looked different.



Dad loves Auggie and he tries to make him happy by telling jokes. He is glad when Auggie is.



Justin has no special relationship with Auggie, but he is kind to him and does not care about his looks. he has more of a special relationship with Jack - without Jack knowing. He protected Jack from bullies.