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Lady Bugs by Mind Map: Lady Bugs
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Lady Bugs


Make a necklace while learning patterns. Use red and black beads to have students make a necklace. The students must make a pattern on their necklace. For example, red bead, red bead, black bead or aab pattern. S1C3PO4

Make a ladybug out of circles. Students will receive: one big black circle, one big red circle, and one small black circle. The students will cut the big red circle in half and glue it on the big black circle with the two halves spread out (these are the wings). Next students will glue the small black circle on top (this is the head). Then students will draw black dots on the wings, and two white dots on the head for eyes. You can also incorporate addition by telling the students to draw 3 dots on one side of the ladybug and four on the other side. The students can then tell you how many dots their ladybug has altogether. S1C4PO3

The class will make a picture graph of their favorite insects. The choices will be ladybug, ant, and, beetle. S2C1PO2


Students will draw a picture of a ladybug and write about what they have learned about ladybugs. S1C2PO1

Students will draw a picture of a ladybug and write about what they have learned about ladybugs. S1C2PO1


Students will learn that a ladybug is an insect and will learn the difference between insects and spiders. S4C3PO1

Students will learn about the different body parts of a ladybug. For example, antennas, wings, legs, etc. S4C1P2

Students will learn where ladybugs live, and about what they eat.S1C3P1


Students will listen to the story "The Grouchy Ladybug" and then sequence the events at the end of the story. S2C1PO3

Students will make predictions about the story "The Very Lazy Ladybug". S1C6P1

Read the poem "The Red Little Ladybug" discuss what rhyming words are and find the rhyming words in the poem. S1C2PO2

Song Movement

Sing and act out Frank Leto song, "Ladybug Ladybug".

Social Studies

Discuss how ladybugs help the earth and farmers. S4C4PO5

Show students what a map is and then show them where ladybugs live on the map.


Make a ladybug out of a rock.

Make a 3D ladybug.