Brown Bear/Color

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Brown Bear/Color by Mind Map: Brown Bear/Color

1. Language and Literacy

1.1. Read Brown Bear Brown Bear, Predictive text, go over animals and colors.

1.2. Make Brown Bear Book

1.3. Look at similar books with predictive text, Polar Bear, Baby Bear etc

1.4. Vocabulary

1.5. Other Color Books, Mouse Paints, Cameleon

2. Art

2.1. Make a project for each animal using different types of art tools work on fine motor

3. Science

3.1. Color Mixing Activity

3.2. What do the animals eat, where do different types of animals live habitat etc.

3.3. Rainbows ?

4. Sensory

4.1. Color Sensory Day

4.2. Bear Hunt

5. Social Science

5.1. Categories

5.2. Animal Safety

6. Math

6.1. Sorting, Matching colors, Patterning