Cyber Plagiarism

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Cyber Plagiarism by Mind Map: Cyber Plagiarism

1. Would you steal my purse?

2. Why do people plagiarize - and why is it a problem?

3. So why would you steal my paper???

4. Plagiarism Is Stealing! What is Plagiarism? • Essentially, plagiarism is stealing. When you take another person’s thoughts, ideas, or words and pass them off as your own, you’re a plagiarizer. • Plagiarism doesn’t just happen with writing projects. If you use someone else’s artwork, spoken words, or computer graphics, without giving them credit, you are a plagiarizer. • It doesn’t matter if you meant to plagiarize or not. Even if you “forgot” to cite your sources or “didn’t know” you had to cite your sources, you’re still a plagiarizer • Plagiarizers are thieves, and in our society, thieves are punished. The punishment for plagiarizing is a zero on the assignment. In some colleges, you will fail the course and/or be expelled. • There are 5 major types of plagiarism: Copy & Paste, Word Switch, Style, Metaphor, and Idea. Common Myths About Plagiarism:



7. What is Plagiarism?


8. It isn't a cool offense. It's a crime



9. What can you do as a teacher or a lecturer to detect plagiarism?

10. What a good thing Adam had. When he said a good thing, he knew nobody had said it before. Mark Twain