Brad's Thinking

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Brad's Thinking by Mind Map: Brad's Thinking

1. Scholarship

1.1. Clinical Practice

1.1.1. Develop Drug Information Database Platform using Web 2.0 apps

1.1.2. Develop DI Service

1.1.3. Consider expansion into service/center of excellence DI Policy Formulary Management Guideline Development Decision Support

1.2. Publications

1.2.1. Revisiting the Systematic Approach to DI

1.2.2. Survey current DI Practices

1.2.3. How to make informatics more "sexy"

1.2.4. Therapeutic reviews Loops vs. thiazide diuretics for HTN in CKD Nasal steroids for asthma treatment ED as an early indication of CAD (like PAD)

1.2.5. Leveraging Internal Partnerships for Synergy (Pharmacy360)

1.2.6. HIPAA, IRB, and Pharm Practice

2. Service

2.1. School Service

2.1.1. Curriculum Committee

2.1.2. Newsletter writing team

2.2. College Service

2.2.1. Diversity Committee

2.3. University Service

2.3.1. IRB

2.4. Professional Service

2.4.1. Peer Reviewer (Journals)

2.4.2. Professional Orgs OSHP PAC Subcommittee on Web redesign BOD Treasurer (Ending Term)

2.4.3. Facilitating CPD for professional peers BCPS Study Groups Journal Club Facilitation Lit eval/biostats workshops

3. Teaching

3.1. Develop Drug Induced Disease Course

3.2. Use of technology in the classroom to enhance learning

3.2.1. Web 2.0 tools Wikis Blogs Social networking

3.2.2. Chat rooms and discussion boards Journal Clubs DI Questions

3.2.3. Voicemail

3.3. Re-evaluate delivery of drug information and lit evaluation skills over entire curriculum

3.4. Assist in continued development of existing programs

3.4.1. Academic APPE

3.4.2. Resident experiences

4. Technology SKills

5. Practice Skills

5.1. DI Skills

5.2. Policy Skills