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The Great Gatsby by Mind Map: The Great Gatsby
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The Great Gatsby

Jay Gatsby

Jay Gatsby is a fictional character from the 1949 film The Great Gatsby.

Gatsby's white house steps

Nick always refers to these steps, how he always remembers Gatsby on them; how Gatsby's pink suit stood out on them in Chap 8, how Gatsby always waves to his departing guests on them after parties, and in Chap 9, how Nick erases an "obscene word" off of the "white steps". Maybe these steps symbolize Gatsby's dream life? How Gatsby thinks that life is pure, like white, how his dream makes him stand out and recognizable, how his dream was tarnished and became pure again with his death?

There is some slight foreshadowing at the beginning of the book that Gatsby could die. During the introduction, Nick is looking back at the past while he is in current time. He keeps referring to Gatsby in the past tense which could imply that Gatsby is no longer alive. If Gatsby were still alive, Nick would be describing him in the present.

Gatsby's search for Daisy's love is represented by a green light.

Gatsby's true self is discovered in the story of his life as a 17 year old. From then on, his "legendary" posture is uncovered.

Gatsby idolizes Daisy, he puts her up on an untouchable pedestal and comes to find out that all he has dreamed Daisy to be is a lie.

Daisy Buchanan

Described by Nick as a careless person who gets into trouble and then retreats behind her and Toms wealth

Many people overlook the bad in Daisy with the way the author presents her in the beginning of the novel, and the way the author describes Tom's bad over-powers Daisy's bad.

Tom Buchanan

Although Tom didn't mean for Myrtle to get hit by Gatsby's car, is it possible that Tom had arranged to pick up Myrtle before she moved out west with George. It mentioned that Myrtle seemed to want to get in the car before it hit her, so maybe she had recognized it and thought it was Tom.

Tom does not hold himself to the same moral standards as anyone else. He excuses himself from cheating on Myrtle, but is furious when he finds out about Daisy seeing Gatsby. He also thinks Wilson is an idiot for believing Myrlte about where she goes when she leaves, but he and Wilson both find out about their wives cheating at about the same time. He doesn't realize that he was fooled just as easily as Wilson.

Told Wilson that the car belonged to Gatsby but felt that it was totally justified and that Gatsby got what he deserved. He knew Gatsby was going to be killed by Wilson but he didn't care because it wasn't him that was getting his life threatened any longer and it would get Gatsby out of he and Daisy's hair.

Jordan Baker

Bad driver

"'You said a bad driver was only safe until she met another bad driver? Well I met another bad driver didn't I?'" Jordan, a bad driver, called Nick a bad driver, Daisy was a bad driver, others (like Tom) believe Gatsby to be a bad driver, and Tom speeds & therefore isn't a very good driver either. Kinda shows how no one in this group is actually a great, trustworthy person because they're all under the same category of faults

She is dishonest, but Nick still likes her even though he considers himself and honest person. Is it possible that Jordan is being dishonest with her feelings for Nick and is simply using him to keep her secrets? (cheating in tournament)

She is dishonest on many accounts (golfing, borrowing car) which makes Nick question how she honestly feels about him.

Myrtle Wilson

A theme that the author illustrates through Myrtle is that people always want more than they have. When Myrtle is with Wilson she wants more money and Tom, when she is with Tom she wants the dog, and after she has the dog she neglects it so she can have guests to show off in front of.

Dies in the car accident when hit by Gatsbys car(Daisy is driving)

George Wilson

He could be crazy because of the way he reacts to Myrtle's death. He does mourn extremely after she dies but then decides he needs to kill whoever killed Myrtle instead of realizing that it was an accident.

Found out Tom was having an affair with Myrtle and thought he killed her so he went after him

Nick Carroway

Thinks of himself as an honest person but to me he always seems a little behind the scenes and watching situations unfold. He is the only one not having an affair and seems to be the bridge between Gatsby and Daisy and plays a key role in their meeting.

Nick connects his and his friend's not fitting in in the East to their being Westerners. I don't think that is the only reason because they all move around a lot. Daisy and Tom move because they are restless and already have enough money, Gatsby moves to cover up his past and further his future, and Nick moves to try to be successful. Their moving is more based on status and wealth than Western morals.

Tries to live up to his Father and his words about criticism.