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Active Learning by Mind Map: Active Learning
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Active Learning

Web Enhanced

Generative Learning

Anchored Instruction, Teacher Role, Facilitator, Creates Lesson, Presents Problem, Organizes Resources, Provides Access, Coach, Demonstrate Website Usage, Encourage Cooperation and teamwork, Student Role, Play Role, Investigate Problem, Researches, Identifies gaps in knowledge, Developes solutions to solve the problem, Format, Designed around anchor, Problem based Story, Must be Realistic, Student Ownership

Case-Based Learning, Teacher Role, Facilitator, Teach Students to work together, Sets up learning environment, Prepares Case, Ask Questions to help Discussion, Fill in Gaps of information, Stay out of the Way, Student Role, Work with Peers, Read Cases, Participate in Discussions, Evaluate Solutions, Reflect on Learning, Format, Tells Story, Relevant, Creates Conflict, Short, No Single Solution

Inquiry Learning, Teacher Role, Coach, Encourage student, Questions, Provides Essential Question, focus on student knowledge, Give Context, Gives Feedback, Helps, Student Role, Questions, Collects Information, Organizes Information, Formulates answer to orginal question, Create projects that reflect work, Format, Esstential Question, Research, Web Resources, Culminates in project

Assessment, Process and Product, Rating Scales, Observation, Student Interviews, Portfolios, Rubrics

Past Stratgies: Teacher Directed

Graphic Organizers

Teacher Role, Lecture, Lead Class Discussion, Guide note taking, Assess through Testing

Student Role, Take Notes, Create Graphic Organizer, Contribute to Discussion, Study


Teacher Role, Introduce Topic, Create Debate Teams, Assign Sides for Debate, Provide Resources, Moderate Debate, Assess Students work

Student Role, Research Topic, Orgainze Information, Formulate debate startegy, Debate opposing team


Teacher Role, Introduce Webquest, Facilitator, Tech Help, Assess Completion of Task

Student Role, Select Role, Research and Explore Links, Complete Task

Reading and Questions

Teacher Role, Assign Reading and Questions, Assess Students' Answers, Lead Review and Discussion of Answers

Student Role, Read Assignment, Answer Questions, Check and Correct Answers


Past Strategies Enhanced

Graphic Organizers

Inquiry Learning, Give Essential Question, Students Research, Formulate Questions, Create Graphic Organizer


Anchored Instruction, Present Problem, Choose Roles, Research, Organize Information, Develop Opinions, Debate, Mock Trial, Role Play

Reading and Questions

Inquiry Learning, Online Reading, Concept Map, Resources, Blog


Case Based Learning