just coping session 2

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just coping session 2 by Mind Map: just coping session 2

1. Step 6

1.1. Review session 1

1.1.1. Summary of step 5

1.2. Report new knowledge

1.2.1. how alcohol and drugs (serapax, benzodiazepine) affect the body in the syptoms that was presented?

1.2.2. What causes rhythmatic contractions and body rigidity? could it be head injury?

1.2.3. what causes flushing?

2. Step 7

2.1. Inquiry plan and info gathering

2.1.1. History of presenting complain is the patient well? awake but can't answer questions proparly what happened last night? eating breakfast at 8 am how did he fall? did he start seizing after the fall or before? drinking on an empty stomach? sysptoms before sleeping?

2.1.2. Previous medical / surgical history previous seziers Head injury

2.1.3. Drug history / allergy

2.1.4. Family history

2.1.5. Social / occupational history on and off relationship with gf why worrying?

2.1.6. Physical examination head trauma hellucination confusion not pale low glucose level high blood pressure hepatomegaly pns intact

2.1.7. tests results EEG ECG urine liver function test blood alcohol level MRI or CT no bleeding prolacten CBC

2.1.8. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms

3. Step 8

3.1. Diagnostic decision

3.1.1. alcohol withdrawal syndrome

3.2. Mechanism

3.2.1. high dose of alcohol, adaptation, withdrawal, symptoms

3.3. Presentation

3.3.1. hallucination

3.3.2. seizer

3.3.3. confusion

3.3.4. flushing

3.4. Supporting data

3.4.1. no internal bleeding

3.4.2. he's a cronic alcoholic

3.4.3. low glucose levels

3.4.4. hyreptension

3.4.5. hepatomegaly

3.4.6. last drink 8 hours ago