FlightSim Add-on Reviews

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FlightSim Add-on Reviews by Mind Map: FlightSim Add-on Reviews

1. Flight Simulator X

1.1. Aircraft

1.1.1. Props Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter X A2A simulations Boeing 377 Stratocruiser Carenado Beechcraft Mentor T34B Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair J-3 Cub P-47 Razorback with Accu-Sim Piper J-3 Cub by Flight Replicas RealAir/Flight1 Spitfire T-6 Texans by Sky Unlimited V-22 Osprey Platinum by Abacus

1.1.2. Jets Ariane 737-900ER with X2 Service Pack Flight1 Super 80 Pro Level D 767-300ER PMDG MD-11 Wilco Airbus A380 Wilco E-Jets ERJ190 Wilco Publishing A380

1.2. Scenery

1.2.1. Aero Files' Duo Bundle Pack for FSX

1.2.2. Aerosoft’s Mega Airport Brussels

1.2.3. Aerosoft’s Lukla X

1.2.4. Aerosoft Tahiti X

1.2.5. Eagle Simulations' U.S. Marine Corps Mega Pack for FSX

1.2.6. FS Dreamscapes Terrain Mesh

1.2.7. Indo-Pacific Landclass

1.2.8. Manhattan X

1.2.9. MegaScenery Hawaii X With FS Dreamscapes ProMesh Hawaii

1.2.10. Newport Photo Real Scenery - St. Louis

1.2.11. Plum Island

1.2.12. Sim Giants - Canary Islands Gold Edition

1.2.13. VFR Germany 3: South

1.3. Utilities

1.3.1. Add-on Converter X

2. X-Plane

2.1. Aircraft

2.2. Scenery

2.3. Utilities

3. Flight Simulator 2004

3.1. Aircraft

3.1.1. Digital Aviation/Flight 1 Fokker 100 preview

3.2. Scenery

3.2.1. Tropical Sim: Aruba, Curacao, Tocumen, Providenciales

3.3. Utilities

4. Flight Simulator X & Flight Simulator 2004

4.1. Aircraft

4.1.1. Props Around the World in 80 Flights Cessna 182 Skylane RG II Tilt Rotor Bell Agusta 609 Vickers Wellington Tilt Rotor Bell Agusta 609 Vickers Wellington

4.1.2. Jets AFS-Design Panavia Tornado Avro CF-105 Arrow iFly Boeing 747-400 Leonardo SH Maddog 2008 Professional Sky Simulations McDonnell Douglas MD-11 / MD-10

4.2. Scenery

4.2.1. Tropical Sim: Aruba, Curacao, Tocumen, Providenciales

4.3. Utilities

5. Hardware

5.1. CH Products Multi Function Panel

5.2. CH Products Throttle Quadrant

5.3. Saitek Pro Flight Aviation Audio Headset

6. Flight Simulators

6.1. FlightGear

6.2. X-Plane for iPhone