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The Lay of the Land by Mind Map: The Lay of the Land
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The Lay of the Land

Mindmapping content and community

Free resource - shared information

Entrepreneurial Community

Tools to drive innovation

Turn around Coaching and Consultancy

Build a business and keep your life

Often its one or the other

Aligning actions with real vision for the future

British Inventors Society

British Invention Show

The importance of experimentation

Innovation and Technology drives progress

Kauffmann Foundation

How do we stimulate more start-up communities?

Too much attention has been given to the importance of capital

Creation of the firm is a slow iterative process

"Building airplanes in flight"

Create the right environment

Challenges to the Entrepreneur

not necessarilly made a success yet...

right attitude required

Not knowing what to do next

Not knowing how to do it

Very rarely lack big picture vision

Fear of the unknown

Fear of failure

Fear of success

Fear itself!

Lack of contacts

Lack of credibility

The architect

the builder

Focus on end goal and vision

Fundamental Business Skills

Often doing it alone

"Life is a process of Iteration"

Protecting Intellectual Property whilst building a community

Social Media

Global Entrepreneurship Week

131 Countries

Success Stories in Supporting


Raising Awareness of Prostate Cancer

Grow a moustache for the month of November


Global Entrepreneurship Week

Knowledge base


From inspiration to aspiration

World recession

Good news

Social Media Illumination

Figure out strategy

Find Clients

Innovation Warehouse

A place to call home

A place to grow

Innovative Companies

What do Entrepreneurs need to know in order to succeed?

From people who have been there before...

What are some of the challenges they are likely to face

How to overcome such challenges

How to generate ideas

How to make these happen

Inherent fears

Be honest with yourself

What's blocking you?

"I don't know where I'm going"

Will my idea work

What happens when it goes wrong...

The Collective Concious - Bringining Minds Together

Inquisitive People

Been thinking this way since childhood

Mind Maps

Benefits of Mindmaps

All 500 of Fortune 500 Companies use mindmaps

How to draw a mind map

Slow thoughts down to the point where we can hear them.

Types of Thinking

Lateral Thinking

Parallel thinking

Critical Thinking

Creative Thinking

Thinking skills can be taught



Holistic Thinking

Over the centuries little attention has been paid to thinking

Greek Gang of 3

Cave Man Thinking

The Church

Logical Thinking