FFAI Argument Summary

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FFAI Argument Summary by Mind Map: FFAI Argument Summary

1. steps

1.1. identify the arguments

1.1.1. definitions where do they come from? do they make sense? are they widely accepted? do they correspond to the intuitive meaning? have they been imbued with emotional content?

1.1.2. premises which premises are objectively verifiable, which are subjective beliefs / preferences? for premises that rely on other sources, identify the sources, their credibility, and possibly verify

1.1.3. reasoning / inference identify the kind of reasoning being used: probabilistic, logical, etc. determine whether the argument is valid determine whether the reasoning method is appropriate (substituting logic for probabilistic reasoning is a common fallacy)

1.1.4. conclusions understand the conclusions and weight of support for them ensure that the statements are

1.2. identify rhetoric

1.2.1. why is the author making the argument?

1.2.2. am I emotionally affected?

1.2.3. do I want to revise my beliefs / preferences?

2. look for common problems