Peter Walen: “Thinking and Working Agile in an Unbending World”

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Peter Walen: “Thinking and Working Agile in an Unbending World” by Mind Map: Peter Walen: “Thinking and Working Agile in an Unbending World”

1. Agile

1.1. wendig

1.2. agil

1.3. flink

1.4. beweglich

1.5. gelenkig

1.6. ..


1.7.1. marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace

1.7.2. having a quick resourceful and adaptable character

2. What are we missing when talking about methodologies?

2.1. Waterfalls are quite agile

2.2. Niagara falls long time ago did not look the same

2.2.1. What makes successful teams?

2.2.2. Some with strong command and control models?

2.2.3. Some with agile models?

2.3. Lightweight models are now what we call Agile

2.3.1. Attention

2.3.2. Marketing

2.4. How is improvement measured?

2.5. Do others share your concerns?

3. Twitter comments

3.1. Not possible to copy from twitter stream

3.2. Original Tweet:

3.3. Not possible to copy from twitter stream

4. Meindmeister bugs

4.1. Cut and paste did not work when copying from email

5. Summary

5.1. Difference between agile (process) and agile (adjective?) ie flexible

5.2. Agile projects/processes fail because they are not really flexible

6. Start time: 15.40

7. Transcriber: @siggeb

7.1. Background

7.1.1. Need to check out this new tool. Never used it before

7.1.2. Peter has been live blogging the whole conference

7.2. Halfway retro

7.2.1. I need to practice mindmapping presentations

8. Once upon a time...

8.1. Not very many people here that dont work in agile environment

8.2. How much information do you spit out, without breathing?

8.3. Agile WAS relaxed

8.3.1. Petes cat

8.4. Now we do agile

8.4.1. We have to do this, and this etc

8.5. AN agile methodology

8.5.1. What does the word agile really mean? Being Lifestyle

8.5.2. Waterfalls change all the time. Niagara falls

8.6. Agile manifesto

9. Thoughts

9.1. Petes referring to me finding the bug on his business card

9.2. Cats are a big part of agile

9.2.1. As well as unicorns =)

9.3. Back to basics with dict english

9.4. Lisa Crispin does really good sound effects to presentations. =)

9.5. Now, lets define successful!

9.5.1. Are customers buying your software because they need to? That limits successfulness

9.6. Conference is really going to an end. People tired but also more open with comments during sessions

10. Unicorn shown = dead unicorn

10.1. What can we really do?

10.2. Learn from the past

10.2.1. How did process models evolve before?

10.2.2. In other businesses?

10.3. Few orgs put up road blocks to intentionally impede work.