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Meeting with AIF on Learning Management Systems by Mind Map: Meeting with AIF on Learning Management Systems
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Meeting with AIF on Learning Management Systems

Discussion Note

Discussed the need to have the right implementation strategy from the beginning

Some points to consider, Web 2.0 functionality, The LMS ability to make visible the various learning solutions from different training organisations, E-commerce capability, Need to have a curriculum prior to implementing the LMS, Ability to integrate with other information sources for example online journals, books etc, Need to establish courses administration processes and governance

LMS is not E-learning, LMS is the launchpad, E-learning is the content, BNM is using rapid e-learning tools

Shared with AIF the BNM's LMS

Presented other available LMS in the market

Thinking CapĀ®, Web 2.0 Learning Support

Sakai Project Home Sakai CLE, rSmart MySakai CLE My Workspace Home

Claroline demo 1.9 open-source community-based tools for learning

Saba - Strategic Human Capital Management Solutions for Enterprise and Midsize Organizations

Learning Management System, Performance Management System

Learning management system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Electronic learning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Other references

Rapid eLearning Tools eLearning Technology