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Intuitive and user friendly

Platform-independent collaboration

Easy start with no previous knowledge

Focus on the essentials

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encrypted communication, strictest privacy rules

Easy to use

award-winning user interface, no learning required

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Accessible from anywhere, anytime

100% web-based

No installation

no Flash, no Java

10,000+ new users per week

1.6 million+ users and organizations

Market leader in online mind mapping

"Our district has a very heavy focus on Thinking Maps, and MindMeister is by far the easiest to use mind-mapping app that I've found (and I've searched long and hard :) "Lauren Boucher, MAEd Instructional Technology Specialist

"MindMeister is without question the most innovative of the web-based mind mapping applications available today." Mindmapping Software Blog

"My experience with this company has been stellar and is to date, the easiest adopted teaching software I have introduced to our teachers and students. " Karl Schaefer, Digital Learning Coordinator Durham Academy Middle School

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