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Mr. Kausar's Meeting Notes & Summar by Mind Map: Mr. Kausar
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Mr. Kausar's Meeting Notes & Summar

Journals to Refer

Who trades on pro forma earnings information?.   N Bhattacharya, EL Black Sr, TE Christensen, R Mergenthaler Jr.     The Going-Concern Market Anomaly.   Asad Kausar, Richard J Taffler, Christine Tan.   Journal of Accounting Research (2009) vol. 47 (1) pp. 213-239           Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift: Delayed Price Response or Risk Premium?.   Victor Bernard, Jacob Thomas.   Journal of Accounting Research (1989) vol. 27 pp. 1-36     Implications of Transaction Costs for the Post-Earnings-Announcement.   NG Jeffrey.     Do individual investors drive post-earnings announcement drift.   D Hirshleifer, J Myers, LA Myers, SH Teoh.   Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2003)     Sensation seeking, overconfidence, and trading activity.   M Grinblatt, M Keloharju.   NBER working paper (2006)     What makes investors trade?.   M Grinblatt, M Keloharju.   Journal of Finance (2001) pp. 589-616     In search of distress risk.   JY Campbell, J Hilscher, J Szilagyi, L Center.   NBER working paper (2006)     Evidence that stock prices do not fully reflect the implications of current earnings for future earnings.   VL Bernard, JK Thomas.   Journal of Accounting and Economics (1990) vol. 13 (4) pp. 305-340     The investment behavior and performance of various investor types: a study of Finland's unique data set.   M Grinblatt, M Keloharju.   Journal of Financial Economics (2000) vol. 55 (1) pp. 43-67     Who gambles in the stock market?.   A Kumar.     Behavioral Finance: A Review and Synthesis.   A Subrahmanyam.    and Kaul (1998) attribute the momentum anomaly to time  For example,  and Taffler (2006) provide evidence  to an announcement (a - audit report  - European Financial Management (2008)     Soft Information in Earnings Announcements: News or Noise?.   Elizabeth Demers and Clara Vega.    (2008) pp. 1-63   Behavioural Bias and Conflicts of Interest in Analyst Stock Recommendations.   T Mokoaleli-Mokoteli, R TAFFLER, V Agarwal.   Page 1. Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, 36(3) & (4), 384–418, April/May 2009, 0306-686X doi: / . - . .  - Journal of Business Finance & Accounting (2009)  

Bold refers to Paper Name

Links to download are provided below

June 16, 2009


1 Finding 10k & MDA Discussions, 1. Go to, Visit EDGAR Historical Archives,, 2. Enter Name of the company & Date for search, 3. Download 10 report, Also referred to as the 10k/a or 10k/sb reports, Item 6 is the MDA, the whole section needs to be copied to a text file(end before ITEM 7 begins), Example, Searching for ECOTYRES Corporation on July 15 1997, MDA_1.txt

Saving Information in Excel File, Example, Justification PLEASE READ IMPORTANT

Finding Number of Press Mentions, Steps, Open,, Credentials, Login - mbschool. Pass - library, 2, Search for company name & date as per MDA Date, The end date would be +1 year from the EDATE, In the search criteria turn the duplicates ON, Example, Searching for ECOTYRES Corporation between July 15 1997 to July 15 1998 will provide with you 31 times

Please Read




I have recorded the meetings, in case you missed a meeting , and want to hear the whole discussion , Please contact me , I shall give you the mp3 file +447500554470


June 18

Repository Created

June 18, 2009

Added Another Journal

List of companies and link to repository has been given to all

Lavish and Arthur have been updated with June 16th Meeting Missed

Added Q&A Section



Regarding Finding Files

1. The dates are not exclusive , for most of the companies there are    no dates which matches the day that are posted as per the excel    sheet(edate) and the 10k filing are available  for either further into    future or some days/weeks in the past. Should we proceed ? For example  YES PROCEED WITH THE 10-K/KSB/A dates even if they are few days off. But please record these dates where different. Please note that when you search for filing in december then you have to search for two years for e.g if the date is dec 20 2001 then you will search for years 2001 and 2002 as if you just search in year 2001 it misses filings filed after 2nd or 3rd week of december.    2. As you also said sometimes are 10k , 10k/a or 10k/sb files   available. I am proceeding with the presence of any of them . Is that ok For example No. 37 Wavetech Incorporated , with edate 16 dec 01 , has   only one article 10k/sb which is filed on 19th november 2001 , should    we proceed with this data ?  THIS IS FINE. 3. Are we going to use another search engine to get hold of the   companies which provide no results on EDGAR ? OUT OF 1293 you should be able to get around 1100 (plus minus 30) companies on EDGAR.