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Nourishment by Mind Map: Nourishment

1. Give out a student survey which guides students to answer this question.

2. New Group Name

2.1. Nutrition

2.2. Healthy Living

2.3. Food For Thought

2.4. The Totally Awesome Food Group

2.5. 21st Century Mind, Body, and Soul

2.6. The Health Nuts!

3. Activities

3.1. Students come up with ways to make school food more nutritious

3.2. Students do a Walk for Cancer, Diabetes, etc.

3.2.1. Link to Diabetes Walk in Manhattan

3.3. Maybe set up some Intramural Sports

3.3.1. Soccer

3.3.2. Volleyball

3.3.3. Basketball

3.3.4. Student Coaches This also connects students who enjoy but dont excell at sports with an afterschool function

3.3.5. Maybe have a Friday intermural sports night @ school. (my jr. high used to do this and it was awesome!)

4. Technology

4.1. Dance Dance Revolution

4.2. Wii Sports

4.2.1. there are workout games for the Wii

4.2.2. Wii Boxing is quite the is the baseball game!

4.3. Kareoke

5. Emotional/Spiritual

5.1. Discuss emotional issues students deal with in school

5.1.1. Come up with ways to deal with those issues

5.2. Have a "Mental Wellness" Day in school (come up with activities for students)

6. What does Nourishment Mean?

6.1. Mental

6.2. Social

6.3. Technological

6.4. Food

6.5. We could build this area off of the Webster Definition and then break it down to the above sub areas.

6.6. Spiritual

6.7. Student Nutrition Awareness Night: Come learn about nutrition and creative tasty ingredients to make nutritious meals

6.8. Fast Food Survey

7. Plans for Future

7.1. Website

7.1.1. Different profiles of student's progress with weightloss goals. Are we definately going to focus on nutrition and weightloss?

7.1.2. Maybe link the website to resources like Weight Watchers for kids

7.2. Short Video

7.2.1. A commercial asking kids what nutrition means to them and why they think it is important Have kids make a commercial after they learn more about "nourishment" (at end of collaboration) so we can see how they've grown.

7.3. Blog

7.3.1. We could connect the Blog to the website

8. Skype ID's

8.1. HELP!!


9. How society has changed our activities, ie we spend most of the day sitting at a computer instead of, well, moving, LOL

9.1. We can make cultural connections through time and see how ideas of "Nourishment" have changed over time throughout the world.

10. A Better America

10.1. How will good nutritition make America a stronger nation

10.2. Brain Food

10.3. Vegetables increase life expectancy


12. Exercise Chart

12.1. Make a daily plan for kids and adults to follow

13. What Educators Can Do

13.1. Exercise in/out classroom (not just @ recess and gym)

13.1.1. Kinesthetic Activities

13.2. Try to integrate "Nourishment" topics into lessons. i.e. A math teacher can have students look at menus and add up calories/fat/etc. to practice addition.

13.3. Collaborate with Health Teachers

14. INTRODUCTION: Our aim is to raise awareness to students about positive ways to take care of their mind, body, and soul.


16. Fast Food

16.1. How do companies entice you?

16.1.1. Color Schemes

16.1.2. Advertisements

17. Intro Slide Share Embed code !!!!!

18. New node