Theoretical Perspectives

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Theoretical Perspectives by Mind Map: Theoretical Perspectives

1. Behaviorist Theory

1.1. Created by B. F. Skinner

1.2. Theory focuses on nurture rather than nature in the "nature v.s. nurture" argument.

1.2.1. Argues that a child is put into this world as a blank slate and that the environment that surrounds a child influences his or her learning.

2. Cognitive Developmentalist

2.1. Theory created by Jean Piaget

2.2. Explains how the theory is applied through maturation and age of when and how language is acquired.

2.2.1. Thus, cognitive compenticies are developed.

2.2.2. Popular for being the "nature" projection of "nature v.s. nurture" argument.

3. Nativist Theory

3.1. Created by Noam Chomsky

3.2. Believes that language is inborn or natural to a child

3.3. Identifies "grammatical aspects of language" (Otto, 2013, p.28)

4. Interactionist Theory

4.1. Theory created by Vgotsky

4.2. Also agrees that nurture impacts on how a child is influence with learning and acquiring skills/languages

4.2.1. "The primary role of social interaction in language development is based on the observation that children acquire an awreness of specific communicative functions or intentions. (Otto, 2013, p. 30)