First Meeting With Agent

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First Meeting With Agent by Mind Map: First Meeting With Agent

1. Day 1

1.1. Get to know you the agent

1.1.1. Ask what their Goals are / do they have a marketing plan, marketing budget Their Info Listhub Info Personal Information

1.2. Presenting to agents

1.2.1. 15 minutes

1.2.2. 30 minute presentation

1.2.3. 1 hour presentation

1.2.4. 2 hour event

1.3. Results In Advance

1.3.1. Have their Login / Password

1.3.2. At least one property uploaded If they don't have one make one up

1.3.3. Schedule For Training

1.4. Q&A

1.4.1. What you like about the business

1.4.2. What don't you like

1.4.3. Challenges

1.4.4. If you ran a mortgage company for a day what are the 3 things you would change?

1.4.5. Are you calling your sellers on a weekly basis And to ask for referrals

1.4.6. What do you do for fun

1.4.7. Family Kids?

1.4.8. Do you have a follow up system in place

2. Day 2 If you didn't do "Results In Advance" In Day 1

2.1. EPS Login / Password

2.2. Properties Uploaded

2.3. Schedule For training

2.3.1. Vicki will be calling for some one on one training. Go over Prelisting Listings After Close Strategies with EPS

2.4. Could be part of day one as "Results In Advance"

3. Follow Up From LO

3.1. Weekly Call, email, text and social media

3.2. Email monday for Tuesday training

3.3. Test to see if they are using social media

3.4. Follow Up about the class

4. Training Call

4.1. Complete System That Includes

4.1.1. Prelisting

4.1.2. Listing Flip book

4.1.3. After Close / Broadcast my move

4.2. Go through each of the tabs

4.3. Tech

4.3.1. Jingproject

4.3.2. Google Docs