Physical Pattern

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Physical Pattern by Mind Map: Physical Pattern

1. Plains and lowlands is an eurption of the sheild reigion to create the remaining of one continent the rock that is used is called sedimentary. A sedimentary rock is when beads of little sediment gather and make a rock.

2. Fold mountains are made also with sedimentary rock.There is sedimentary rock in the ocean and when the currents pull the plates together they rise in a upward direction.

3. An earthquake is when two tectonic plates slip past each other that creates an earthquake.An earthquake shakes the planet earth about three minutes and more than 100 000 times a year. The machine that predicts that an earthquake is going to come is called a seismograph. The results that come from the seismograph is called a seismogram.

4. A volcano is like a cone that bursts out lava.There are two types of cones that are shield cone and and composite cone. Composite cone is made out of layers of cinders and magma but the shield cone is made up of only and entirely out of magma .When in the volcano it is magma but when it comes out of the volcano it becomes lava.

5. Earthquakes

6. Landform Patterns

7. Natural Disasters

7.1. Volcano

7.2. Hurricane

7.3. Tsunami

8. Climate

8.1. High Priority

8.2. Medium Priority

8.3. Low Priority

9. Agriculture

9.1. Action Point 1

9.2. Action Point 2

10. Tsunami is a large wave. It is caused by a undersea or underwater earthquake. The tsunami hits the shore with great force.A tsunami is different from all the other types of waves. A tsunami is different because when the earthquake happens underwater/undersea, the ocean is shook by itself not by anything else

11. A hurricane is a larger version of a tornado. A hurricane is created when the warm sea breeze from the ocean /sea and the cold air from the clash together and creates a hurricane. Warm ocean air gives the energy to the hurricane and causes more evaporation that makes humid air.

12. Shield regions

13. Plains and lowlands

14. Fold mountains

15. Volcano

16. Hurricane

17. Tsunami

18. Polar Climate

19. Polar climate is when the winters are the really cold and the summers are really cool. the earths surface can be why the temperatures are different at different areas. When we consider the north in polar climate te temperature can extremely cold.

20. Tropical Climate

21. Tropical climate is when the temperature and climate is very very hot and sort of damp. I t is usually hot and sometimes warm when the location is near the equator. The equator is the line theat separates the earth in to a hemisphere.

22. Shield regions were created with volcano activity a long long time ago. Shield regions are made by igneous rocks. When old shield and heat join together it makes another type of rock. Metamorphic

23. Temperate Climate

24. Temperate climate is when the climate or the temperature is in the middle. That means all year the climate or temperature is warm and cold joined together and the climate is warm or cool. Th seasons are the other way around in the south hemisphere(one half of the earth)

25. Desert Climate

26. Desert climate is when the climate or the temperature is dry and not that moist. The desert Climate is usually dry because the deserts are dry. there is not many rainfalls. the evaporating air is really dry.

27. Subsistence Agriculture

28. Subsistence workers do work daily and use animals and also work to make sure they food to help their family live. Subsist's meaning is to live. some types of subsistence agriculture is nomadic herders and small landholders.

29. Commercial Agriculture

30. Commercial agriculture is when people raise animals or plant crops and then sell so they can have food and money to help them and their family live. Some commercial farms plant organic food so they don't spray it with pesticides they let it grow with the natural products it needs

31. Specialized Agriculture

32. Specialized agriculture is when the farmers only plant, take care of and grow one specific product. There are also different types of farms that are not specialized like cotton. There are two types of farming intensive and planatation.