Landform Patterns

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Landform Patterns by Mind Map: Landform Patterns

1. There are different types of volcanoes like shield cone and the composite cone.

2. Volcanoes

3. Natural disasters

4. Volcanoes occur by the intense pressure of heat and magma pushing out and then eventually it erupts.

5. Earthquake

6. Earthquakes start by two tectonic plates rubbing against each other. Then it snaps and moves several centimeters and realeses alot of shock waves

7. the scientists use the speed of the earthquake to observe inside the earth

8. Tsunami

9. A tsunami occurs when there is an underwater earthquake then there is a tremor underwater that creates a circular pattern of water.

10. Landform regions

11. Fold mountains

12. Fold mountains are created by two tectonic plates pushing against each other . Then there is layers of rock in the middle that builds up

13. An example would be the Appalachain mountains

14. An example would be in December 2004 there was a really large tsunami.

15. Plains and Lowlands

16. They are created by rivers and glaciers over time. These glaciers contained eroded materiel that flowed and then solidified.

17. They are found around the coast lines near bodies of water such as the St. Lawrence Lowlands

18. Shield regions

19. They are formed by volcanic activity that solidified and became igneous rock. Then heat and pressure changed it into metamorphic rock.

20. For example the Canadian Shield.

21. Physical Conditions for Agriculture

22. The effect of climate

23. The climate has to be favourable to the plants and animals in order for it to survive.

24. Water, ice and wind are all vital parts for forming soil.

25. the effect of soil

26. You can tell of the soil is good for farming when it has dark and thick layers of soil

27. An example of bad soil for farming would be permafrost layers of soil

28. The effect of Natural vegetation

29. The decomposing plants help produce the first layer of soil

30. An example of good places for soil would be Broadleaf forests and grassslands

31. The effect of climate

32. The effect of latitude

33. There are three different kinds of climates. There is polar climate , tropical climate and temperate climate.

34. There are different temperatures because the sun's rays are less concentrated at the poles than the equator.

35. the effect of water bodies

36. There are maritime climates and continental climates.

37. Maritime climate is warm climates and cool winters. Continental climates are hot summers and cold winters