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Ridl3y by Mind Map: Ridl3y

1. Story

1.1. Main Plot

1.1.1. Ridley, who has been locked away in the depths of the Aj3x industries basement, is set free by Lucas. According to Lucas, he had been scowering the world looking for his lord and master, having run through the portal to save him. Ridley then proceeds to reach his new goal... The merging of his world and this one... A Process known as dataforming.

1.1.2. MEANWHILE: three friends are going on their usual day, hanging around in town. They decide to go into the woods to play. Lucas appears before them, heralding the end of the world, before saying something about Ridley and leaving.

1.1.3. the 3 friends (Hattle, Ryan and Connor) meet up with two other people and explain the previous events. The two people (Daniel and Kin) decide to join the 3

1.1.4. New node

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1.1.7. The group encounters a "Glitch". Through which, only a pre-deternined number of them can go through. Daniel and Connor decide to go through it, and find themselves in the ruins that ridley was once in... There they find a shard of Zmiv's heart, embedded into a crest. This one shard alone apparently has enough power to stop ridley.

1.1.8. New node

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1.1.11. After an exhausting battle, Ridley is thrown back by the power that the boys hold amongst themselves. After a small monologue about how he was only trying to make both worlds unite and safe under his rule, he dies.

1.1.12. Upon rejoicing with the main cast, Lucas intervenes, stealing the Phoenix's Eye from ridley. Saying to Ridleys corpse that he didn't understand the artifacts true potential, Lucas proceeds to unlock it and become even stronger than Ridley.

1.1.13. New node

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1.4. Ridley Stuff

1.4.1. Ridley, an evil baron bent on world conquest from the world of zakhiele, begins his march upon the the land and its kingdoms with his general, Lucas.

1.4.2. Upon reaching Dela'nol, Ridley gets the Phoenix's Eye, an item which will make him drastically alter the balance of power in the world towards him. However, after obtaining it, Ridley is attacked from behind and knocked unconcious. Upon awakening, he finds himself on the battlefields of Basra, clutching the item in his hand, alone.

1.4.3. After being captured by the military forces which were there, Ridley is thrown into cells. The General, Pilkington, takes all of ridleys belongings including the *insert item here* After seeing how much ridley desired the object, and how much of an amazing figher he was, the general offered ridley a trade. If he helped him win the battles that his forces faced, then he would return all of his belongings... including the *insert item name here*

1.4.4. Ridley agreed to these terms, however, after a while, he began to realise that all this fighting was pointless. the people in this world were no better than the people within Zakhiele. And so, he killed the General with his bare hands, and took the *insert item here*

1.4.5. The military founded company, Aj3x, locked Ridley underground in order to better analyze who and what he is.The company decide to leave one man in charge indefinately to make sure that he never escapes, and to safeguard the Phoenix's Eye.

1.4.6. After launching an all out assault against the military and its forces using the Phoenix's Eye, and incident which would be reffered to as an internal uprising to the public, Ridley was captured. Upon realising that he wasn't from this world, the military decided to invest in some scientists to poke and prod at him, in order to see what he was made of.

1.4.7. After being trapped underground, Ridley is then used as a conduit to reach his world. From this, the Aj3x company proceed to extract people and monsters from his world, and store them on CD's as data. This data is then mass produced and sent around the globe for people to buy and "play" at home. Ajex is then covered up to the public as a games company.

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1.7. Lucas Stuff

1.7.1. Lucas, a general for Lucas's army, feels that Ridley isn't right for the position that he is fighting for.

1.7.2. Lucas, sets off searching for the Phoenix's eye with Ridley in order to tip the balance of the war towards them. Upon finding it, Lucas then proceeds to attack ridley from behind, knocking him unconscious. However, doing so causes the artifact to activate. Trying to reach for it and failing, Lucas is sucked through the portal with Ridley to our world, however he is thrown to a different place.

1.7.3. His real name is Lucas Brown

1.7.4. He has a twin the everyone calls Lucas Brown 1

1.7.5. New node

1.8. Side Story

1.8.1. I know I'm so cool right.

1.8.2. Lucas Brown 1's past

2. Characters

2.1. [SC]Hattle

2.1.1. New node

2.2. [SC]Ryan

2.2.1. New node

2.3. [SC]Connor

2.3.1. New node

2.4. Daniel

2.4.1. A simple guy, Daniel's father was sent of to war and never returned. After watching his mother dissapear in front of his eyes, he and his friend Kin set out to find out what is happening to the world... His father is General Pilkington.

2.5. Kin

2.5.1. Kin is the best friend of Daniel. The two have been together since childhood. After hearing the many stories of strange happenings throughout the local area, and with Daniel's mum dissapearing, Kin sets off with Daniel to find the cause of the worlds madness

2.6. Lucas

2.6.1. General of Ridleys army back in zakhiele. Releases Ridley upon this world. Secretly plots behind against him for his own benifits

2.7. Ridley

2.7.1. Once a baron of his country, Ridley began an uprising against the nations of the world, taking them over. Having reached a stalemate with his enemies, he attempted to overthrow them using *instert item here*. However, after being betrayed and the item activating on its own,he is sent to our world. After a set of events, he is locked underneath the main building of the Aj3x building.

2.8. Alec Godwin

2.8.1. The Ajex company manager and the sole person who is in charge of the Aj3x corporation biulding. He makes sure that all the robots are running smoothly, and that Ridley is safely restrained underground. He holds the Phoenix's eye.

2.9. General Pilkington

2.9.1. Daniels Father, and known as a fierce war veteran. After attempting to use Ridley to his own ends, he is betrayed and killed.

3. Places

3.1. Farebary

3.2. Pickham

3.3. Trodain

3.3.1. Home Town of Daniel and Kin. Was one of the first places which were affected by the data forming.

3.4. Port Prospect

3.5. Rydon's Tower

3.6. Ascantha

3.7. Gryan Gully

3.7.1. Gryan Gully is the home of Hattle, Connor and Ryan. Its a small town next to a large forest which is inhabitted by many different forms of wildlife.

3.8. Black Citadel

3.9. Dela'nol

3.9.1. The ruins of an ancient civilisation from Ridley's home world. Within the ruins lie ancient artifacts of immense power. One of these, The Phoenix's Eye, is the artifact that Ridley sought after. Another of these is the Heart of Zmiy. however, only shards remain of this and they have been embedded into a crest. All of the main cast come here at some point.

3.10. Falicton

4. Music?

4.1. MP3's from ost's until OC available

4.2. intro - being done by a possible artist

5. For those who're editting! THANKYOU!!!! Please expand on my ideas guys! I LOVE YOU LONG TIME! <3


6.1. just click the random ideas and click add xD

6.2. ITEMS: the phoenix eye, or just "the eye", is the item which ridley seeked and obtained.

6.3. ITEMS: Zmiy's Heart is the phoenix eyes opposite.

7. Items

7.1. The Phoenix's Eye(The Eye)

7.2. Zmiy's Crest/Heart

8. Quote

8.1. Do you think Hamsters taste like ham?

8.2. I'm not sure if I should be laughing at his level of retardation, but it sure is funny!