Why Citizen Media Works

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Why Citizen Media Works by Mind Map: Why Citizen Media Works

1. MSM "news" lacks credibility

1.1. Examples

1.1.1. Dan Rather

1.1.2. embedded journalism

1.1.3. Judith Miller

1.1.4. Today Tonight "box cutters"

2. long tail

2.1. I'm interested in media that is relevant to me

2.2. offers advertisers opportunities for finer targeting

2.3. low cost production and distribution model

3. Cluetrained

3.1. people want conversations

3.2. most marketing and PR folks don't get it yet

3.3. derived from "THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO" by Doc Searls et al

4. democratic medium

4.1. don't need HUGE $$$ to produce shows

4.2. global distribution via the web

4.3. no licenses required

4.4. Untitled