It was a dark and stormy night

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It was a dark and stormy night by Mind Map: It was a dark and stormy night

1. Peyton wanted to stay at her friends house.

1.1. parents were out of town

1.2. friends house was on a haunted road

1.2.1. carpenters road 1950s legend

1.3. friend's name was Hillary

1.3.1. hillary was 18 Hillary's great grandma was apart of the 1950's legend

2. peyton

2.1. girl

2.2. 16

2.3. blonde

2.4. volleyball player

2.5. green eyes

2.6. smelled like roses

2.7. not popular

2.8. olive skin

3. January 13th, 2013

3.1. Friday the 13th

3.2. same night as legend on Carpenters road

3.3. Tornado warnings

3.3.1. Sky was gray no birds in the air

4. Alabama

4.1. farm house

4.1.1. red siding

4.1.2. black door

4.1.3. windows never stayed shut

4.1.4. many acres of land

4.1.5. pet dog Jackson lab older dog black

5. Hillary's parents went missing

5.1. girls went searching for them in the corn fields

5.1.1. fields were dry and tall

5.1.2. heard screams heart racing