Metal Detectors

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Metal Detectors by Mind Map: Metal Detectors

1. CT Baggage scanner

1.1. Measuring density and mass of object

1.2. Took much times

1.3. Scanning everything even chemical components

2. High CT Scanners

2.1. Developing from CT Scanners

2.2. Are capable of detecting chemical components in individual items

2.3. Too small to scan all luggage that goes in to the cargo

2.4. X-ray

2.4.1. Most people see in airports

2.4.2. Too small to scan all luggage that goes in to the cargo section of the plane

2.5. Built-in-X-ray scanners

2.5.1. Used in large trucks up to 5-7 meters long

2.5.2. These truck pull up besides containers that hold suitcase,bags and other cargo

3. Airport Security

3.1. The machines that perform this duty are typicality Metal detectors

3.2. Traveling on airplanes means your luggage has been checked

4. How it works

4.1. The principle of metal detectors involves wire coils, and current that creates an electromagnetic field.

4.2. Any metallic object that enters this electromagnetic field will alarm the current and signal detect.