Virtuality meets Reality

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Virtuality meets Reality by Mind Map: Virtuality meets Reality

1. Sander Veenhof uses AR at the MoMa

2. Patrick Moya

2.1. Moya: video for MetaMeets

3. even avatars escape

3.1. insert extract project

4. artists explore possibilities...

4.1. then again, sound is magical...

4.1.1. Artistide Despres, Marx Cattaneo

5. SL is like a niche, but maybe...

5.1. it can mutate!

5.2. teleport, but differently

5.3. virtual money, but no lindens

6. Industry changes...

6.1. thanks to the Makers

6.1.1. Wired, Chris Anderson

6.1.2. The Book inspired also by... Cory Doctorow discussed by... The Economist Peter Schmitt (MIT):

6.2. and thanks to markets such as...

6.2.1. Etsy

6.2.2. and Thingiverse and their social network of things... Welcome to your Dashboard, the all-in-one place to track your favorite Things, designers, and activity on Thingiverse!

6.2.3. and Shapeways Virtual World designers Maxi Gossamer Draxtor Mixee Me

6.2.4. 3DSVP

6.3. thanks to affordable tech and infrastructure

6.3.1. fablabs

6.3.2. sculptris tutorials

6.3.3. meshlab

7. Games change into...

7.1. ARG

7.1.1. Ingress

7.1.2. even in Antwerp...

8. virtual objects escape...

8.1. Minecraft Reality

8.1.1. Janko Roettgers (GigaOM): If your apps aren’t just running on a phone or a tablet anymore, but essentially on top of the real world — what kind of apps do you build?

9. physical world enters virtuality

9.1. using the Kinect!

9.1.1. applications machinima adult stuff? games

9.2. using tablets and their sensors

9.2.1. applications visiting archeological stuff, seeing the virtual reconstruction moving around

10. Long live shared creative spaces!

10.1. but now, the 3D creative space use cases...

10.1.1. plus side allows for brainstorming sharing one virtual space allows for early prototyping Colleberation without borders Kansas to Cairo project Tool for taking people out of their social issolation Virtual Ability Simulation Interactive Cross Media Events MetaMeets Virtual Worlds bet practice in education

10.1.2. negative side ideal designs for 3D-printing are not ideal for virtual worlds (number of polygons, hollow objects etc) comptition may stand in the way of virtual collaboration

10.2. which virtual environments?

10.2.1. second life boasts big community, good graphics...

10.2.2. OpenSim open source version of second life much smaller community, but interesting for internal corporate use, education...

10.2.3. Jibe Unity 3D browser based, interesting for marketing (no need of on the fly content creation and changes)

10.2.4. Cloud Party in development, browser based

10.2.5. Active Worlds

10.2.6. OpenWonderland

11. Let's Create in 3D

11.1. 3D progam tools

11.1.1. 3D progams (open source) Blender Sketchup

11.1.2. 3D programs (not free) Maya Cinema 4D studio