Magnetism and Electricity

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Magnetism and Electricity by Mind Map: Magnetism and Electricity

1. There is a north and a south pole of a magnet

1.1. Two south poles repel

1.2. Two north poles repel

1.3. A north and a south pole attract

2. A magnet has a magnetic field

2.1. When a magnet enters another magnets field, the magnets either attract or repel.

3. Magnets only stick to iron and steel

3.1. When a magnet touches a iron or steel surface, the magnetic "force" transfers or induces its "power

4. The force of magnetism is even stronger than gravity!

5. Some rocks will stick to magnets.

6. Lightning is a form of electricity

6.1. light can travel about 200,000 miles a second!

7. Ben Franklin was really the first person to understand electricity.

8. Thomas Edison invented light bulbs and other forms of electricity

9. If you put an object inbeetween two magnets that are attracting, either the magnets will stick or not stick because the object inbeetween the magnets are bigger or smaller than the magnets magnetic field

10. Benjamin Franklin invented lightning rods which really changed history a bit.