Comparitive Study

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Comparitive Study by Mind Map: Comparitive Study

1. Injustice Present - Justine and the De Laceys are subject to immense injustice - Romantics believed in fairness and equality - Shelley critcising society

2. Social Criticism - The creature represents majorly Romantic features - Shelly is criticising the Enlightenment methods that are very much present in society

3. Heirarchial System - no system of justice! tyrell lives in the top of the ziggurat / asserts a position of power/leadership - Tyrell lives in wealth, while immense poverty ocurrs in the streets (sky and streets are juxtaposed) LACK OF FAIRNESS AND EQUALITY

4. replicants have more feelings and emotions/ empathy than any of the humans

5. creators dont really 'know' their creations - Tyrell doesnt understand Roy, and the ontological dilemma he has "ive done questionable things" " you've done extraordinary things"

6. citizens have lost empathy - "move on, move on, move on" - people barely stop in the street when Zhora is shot" "skin job on the pavement"

7. social criticism - criticising humanitys methods/ prejudice against the monster "where can i find rest but in death"

8. Unregulated science causes the alienation of creators "the same feelings caused me also to gorget those friends who were so many miles absent"

9. The creature is prejudiced against, and Frankenstein didnt protect him - The creature was superior to Frankenstein yet was rejected - He has the ability to ask existential questions, and have empathy "abhorred monster!" (F) "Be calm, I intreat you to hear me" (C)

10. Frankenstein lacks empathy and emotion. - ironic as his creation is superior to him "a churchyard was to me merely the receptacle of bodies deprived of life"

11. creating something for the wrong reasons is bound to end in disaster - Tyrell's reasons are wrong / he sees this as a search for power, greed, money, ego and glory "commerce is our goal" Tyrell has great excitement when he realises it takes more than 100 questions to reveal Rachel as a replicant

12. Fear of artificial intelligence - rejection of replicants from society / prejudiced - irony as replicants are superior beings mentally, physically, morally and emotionally "I think therefor I am" - Scene where Roy hunts Deckard - reinforces the fear of artificial intelligence felt in the 80s

13. xenophobia - warning / showing foreign migration in negative way - crowding of streets, and angry, dirty people - polluted restaurants/streets reinforces the fear of migration (presents it in a negative light)

14. over population - result from multiculturalism / cautionary tale handheld camera used on the streets - showing claustrophobia, crowding, suffering community

15. asain influences - drastic change in demographics - Presented in a frightful way

16. Takeover of america - LA is unrecognisable - Cautcasion are minority - geisha woman on billboard - asian signs, - unrecognisable language

17. Mutliculturism

18. just because we can make something should we ? - even if it has a negative effect is it still right to create it?

19. Is it right to 'play' and experiment with life "rachel's just an experiment"

20. Duality of Humans - Tyrell has the capability to do amazing things (genius) - Also has the capability to do terrible things (lack of morals)

21. How do you treat replicants if they show human qualities - differentiating between 'retiring' and killing "Have you ever retired a human ? "

22. How do you determine between a replicant and a human, when replicants show human features ? - The replicants have a higher moral standard that the humans. The audience is made to sympathise with the replicants as they are prejudiced against through various film techniques (soft music, gentle light) - replicants are constantly showing human qualities (grief over deaths of other replicants/desire for memories)

23. Morals and Limits of Creation

24. Unregulated advancements in technology have created a social and environmental chaos. Lead to dystopia - no limits/control / Tyrell has no bounds - technology advancements have destroyed the world through pollution / irony in technological advertisements of moving to the 'off world'

25. Science is commercially based scientific developments have disconnected society - no friendly people Deckard talking to restuarant workers - no sympathy for replicants - Tyrell ( scientific genius ) focuses on a commercial, global scale

26. Science / Technology Development

27. World is dominated by commercialism. Citizens have blended into industrialisation (social criticism) - huge company signs - robotic sounds - fire shooting from tops of buildings - neon lighting - society is driven by greed

28. Cautionary Tale: - absence of nature is cause of complete destruction and dystopia - forced to move to off world " land of golden oppurtunites and adventures" - pollution/ always raining - black sky - dirty haze - low camera angles, make city look large

29. Commercialism / Globalisation

30. showing christianity in a negative light - the monster (satan) has better qualities than Frankenstein (god) "I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel"

31. Taking on the role of god can have severe consequences - Frankenstein does not have the capacity to be god

32. Moving away from the Church

33. Reasons for creation - Frankenstein desired attention, scientific glory - wrong reasons for creation "a new species would bless me as its creator and source.... claim the gratitude of his child"

34. just because you can create something, should you ? - Frankenstein had to push his limits, even though he knew of the dangers. Nothing is enough "sudden light broke in upon me.....i became dizzy with immensity"

35. Responsibility to creature - was it right for Frankenstein to abandon the creature - creature wants compassion just as frankenstein wanted compassion "But where were my friends and relations ? "

36. Who controls the scientific bounds ? - how can frankenstien dig up bodies with no repercussions "spend days and nights in vaults and charnel-houses..... i saw how the fine form of man was degraded and wasted"

37. Philosophy/ Thinking for yourself

38. Appreciation of Nature - - When nature is present/appreciated a sense of calm and safeness is established for readers "It was nearly noon when i arrived at the top of the ascent.....My heart which was before sorrowful, now swelled with something like joy"

39. Cautionary Tale - - showing the consequences that result from unbalance between Romanticism and The Enlightenment - Clerval has a balance of life and is displayed in a more friendly light "every night i was opressed by a slow fever...i shunned my fellow creatures"

40. Era of Romanticism