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1. nvidia (website)

1.1. What is NVIDIA Omniverse? [4:28]

1.1.1. "chip manufacturer and technology company"

1.1.2. "omniverse is a real-time physically accurate simulation built for creators designers engineers and researchers who need to collaborate in a virtual space"

1.1.3. "provide the processing horsepower for deep neural networks that power artificial intelligence are and are extremely well positioned for the metaverse"

1.2. Connecting in the Metaverse: The Making of the GTC Keynote | Trailer

1.2.1. SIGGRAPH 2021 — Year of the Metaverse, and Virtual and Global Production (Part 1)

2. unity software (website)

2.1. We're the underlying tool set for creating the metaverse: Unity CEO [3:54]

2.1.1. "popular platform for developing 3d content"

2.1.2. "more than 70 percent of the world's top 1 000 mobile games are built by developers using their platform"

2.1.3. "so unity has the capabilities to give artists and creators the tools to be successful in the metaverse"

2.2. How Gaming is Changing the Media Landscape

3. roblox (website)

3.1. "online game platform announced at the GamesBeat Summit next event in november that they plan on designing a metaverse that caters to players needs and empowers the community with tools that facilitate a safe atmosphere and help maintain virtual relationships"

3.2. GamesBeat Summit: Into the Metaverse 2 - Jan 26 [8:58:35]

4. epicgames (website)

4.1. "the company behind the smash head video game fortnite has now moved beyond their traditional video game fair into social experiences like virtual music concerts and dance parties where people can their avatars and do things like build islands"

4.2. Tim Sweeney, the Fortnite CEO: You can potentially make millions on metaverse

4.2.1. "epic ceo tim sweeney has argued that his company wants the metaverse to be a participatory common space"

5. autodesk (website)

5.1. "cloud software firm that makes programs used by designers and architects to design and create products and buildings and autodesk desk software is also used to build virtual worlds for gaming and entertainment"

5.2. These Architects are Building the Metaverse

5.3. A Misguided Monopoly | Autodesk Stock Analysis

5.3.1. "Autodesk acquires The Wild XR platform to enhance virtual collaboration (Could this move signal that the AEC industry is ready to embrace virtual and augmented reality?)"

6. microsoft (website)

6.1. The metaverse is coming. Here are the cornerstones for securing it.

6.2. mesh

6.2.1. "more business centric use case for the metaverse called mesh mesh enables immersive collaboration with mixed reality using avatars"

6.2.2. Microsoft Mesh hands-on demo | New platform to deliver collaborative mixed reality experiences

6.2.3. Microsoft's HoloLens: What You Don't Know

6.3. holoportation project

6.3.1. "holoportation which allows people to project themselves directly onto the vr and ar worlds"

6.3.2. Introducing Dynamics 365 Guides for HoloLens 2

6.3.3. holoportation: virtual 3D teleportation in real-time (Microsoft Research)

7. meta (website)

7.1. Oculus

7.1.1. Facebook 360 on Gear VR | Oculus

7.2. Horizon

7.2.1. Everything Facebook revealed about the Metaverse in 11 minutes Facebook Horizon Tour & Walkthrough | Let's Check Out Facebook Horizon EXPLORING THE METAVERSE IN 2022 | Facebook Horizon Worlds Review

8. HTC Vive Flow (website)

8.1. VIVE Flow - Mindfulness with immersive VR glasses | VIVE

8.2. HTC Vive Flow | Hands-on Review

8.3. HTC Vive Flow VR | Virtual Reality Glasses Face-On Review

9. TOP 5 VR Omni-Directional Treadmills!

9.1. cybershoes

9.2. decamove

9.3. freeaim

9.4. kat-vr

9.5. infinadeck