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TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Eus van Someren Lying Awake with Insomnia by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2012
Eus van Someren 
Lying Awake with Insomnia
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TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Eus van Someren Lying Awake with Insomnia

10 percent suffer from insomnia

In neuroscience we tried to find what make people 'sensitive' sleepers

Stream is down

Stream is back up again

Activation of the brain

Built up from local 'networks'

Go 1 stap up the ladder

Brain is too responsive

activate the brain by trying to solve something

Insomniacs don't activate enough

Go up even 1 step further

Insomniacs don't get the signal that they can stop doing things, and that the next thing is falling asleep..

EEG is genetically determined

Insomnia complaints come from very different parts of the brains

So there are maybe many types of insomnia

Need everybodies help to solve it

Donate, in a unique way

Don't donate money, donate information

What they need

How you sleep

whenyou sleep

your patterns

what goes on in the brains of insomniacs

as there maybe many times of insomnia

Let's help them!


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Eus van Someren, Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam

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documentary maker

'Wide awake' about his own sleep

Alan Berliner, he is an insomniac, in dialogue with his psych.

in 2006

more information on IMDB

All alan hears is pounding

makes him crazy

most people fall asleep in <15 minutes

How do you know when you are going to fall asleep?

When you are feeling the most comfortable as you can be

that you love the way your bed feels

Video was a sleeping brain

Is brain switched off during sleep? Nope

Talk dedicated to all insomniacs

What do we really want to know?

Why do some people sleep light and others do not?

Measuring neurons is difficult, Can't really go into the brain, So we record signals externally

What determines how deep we sleep?

Sleep spindles (blue line)

Slow waves (red line)

What part of the brain determines that?, We used MRI