Teenage Depression

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Teenage Depression by Mind Map: Teenage Depression

1. 20 percent of the teen population will experience depression before adulthood

2. 15 percent of teens who suffer from depression will eventually develop bipolar disorder.

3. Depression can be temporary or permanant in some people.

4. Depressions major cause is from stress like from grades in school, a big position you are in, and from relationships whether its with friends or boyfriend/girlfriends.

5. A big deal with teens is bullying. Being bullyed can cause a teen to form depression bad for feeling unwanted and worthless.

6. Depression can lead to teens taking suicidal actions that can eventually lead to death.

6.1. In high school it can occur in teens who go through a big break up and become very upset and in denial about it.

7. A big thing that can lead to teen depression is parents conflicts at home and divorce between the teens parents which can be a big impact if the teen is extremly close with there parents.

8. Depression can be cause if a teen has to move and start at a new school and make a whole new group of friends. That is big stress for someone to deal with.

9. Depression can be casued from child abuse. Some teens are abused at home and that leads to the effects of depression.

10. Depression can lead to students failing in school because they just dont care anymore about anything. School failures can also lead to a teens depressin too.

11. Teenagers who have very poor soical skills tend to get depression because they dont get out and do anything.

12. Depression can lead to teens having to go to cousling, go on medication, and a complete change in there lifestyle. Some teens with chronic depression even have to result to going to a treatment facility for mager help.

13. Can cause a change in eating habits and sleeping habits.

14. Most depressed teens have poor self esteem , sadnesss, and hoplessness.

15. A small percent of teens suffer from seasonal depression, Mostly in the winter at a higher lattitudes.

15.1. Some people can get it just from a family history of depression.

16. Depression can effect a teen regaurdless of gender, social backgroud, income level, race, school or other achevements.

17. Teen girls experience this more then teen boys.

18. Once you experience depression it will usually come back.

19. People who overcome depression eventually become stronger people in the end.