Chapter 9- The Arabian Peninsula

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Chapter 9- The Arabian Peninsula by Mind Map: Chapter 9- The Arabian Peninsula


1.1. An Organization of countries who control the price and supply of oil in the world.

2. Land and Climate

2.1. Rub al-Khali

2.1.1. Covers most of the Arabian Peninsula

2.1.2. Part of the largest desert in the world Means Empty Quarter

2.2. Tigris and Euphrates River

2.2.1. Only two permanent rivers in SW Asia, fertile land in between the rivers.

3. Saudi Arabia

3.1. The largest producer of oil in the world

3.2. Contains Mecca and Medina the holy sites of Islam

4. Iraq

4.1. Recently became a democracy

4.2. Was ruled by a dictator named Saddam Hussein

4.3. Has large reserves of oil

5. Iran

5.1. Shah- Persian title meaning King

5.2. Theocracy- a government led by a religious leader.

5.3. Mountainous

6. Oil

7. Vocabulary Terms