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Geoarapy by Mind Map: Geoarapy

1. The suns ray has a large impact on climate. hot near the equator, colder at the poles due to the concentrated the suns rays.

2. The effectas of latitude

3. composite cone is made out of layers of cinder and magma.

3.1. Session Rule 2

4. composite cone

5. volcanoes

5.1. Goal 1

5.2. Goal 2

6. Shild regions are made out of igneous rock and metamorphic rock.

7. shild regions

8. Natural Disasters

8.1. Medium Priority

8.2. Low Priority

9. Farming

10. climate

11. landforms

12. shield cone

13. shild cone is made out of magama

14. where it is found

15. It is found at the edges at the plates.

16. Tropical storms

17. How it is formed

18. All begins in oceans on each side of the equator. then warm air rises then cold air spirals. cyclones Indian ocean typhoons start in pacific ocean

19. Example

20. Arenal Volcano, Coast Rica

21. Example

22. caribbean and eastern north America

23. Scale

24. Saffir Simpson scale

25. types

26. Hui

27. hurricanes cyclones and typhoons

28. Tornadoes

29. what it is

30. develop over land

31. drop down from colds

32. Example

33. Eastern part of north America and Canada

34. scale

35. Enhanced fajita scale

36. plans and low lands

37. plans are low lands is made out of horizontal layers of sedmentary rock.

38. fold mountain

39. build from thick layers of sedimentary rock

40. polar climate

41. severe winters and cool summers. when the sun's rays fall close to the poles it is not a hot as the equator. Example Siberia

42. Tropical climate

43. Hot temperatures in every season and a lot of mositure. Example Singapore.

44. Temperature climate

45. Moderate temperature is cool all year long Example australia

46. The effects of moving air

47. warm air is light and raises cool air dense and sinks

48. Desert climate

49. very dry weather conditions

50. the effects of bodies of water

51. maritime climate warm summers cool winters has a lot of rain. Example Vancover

52. continental time

53. hot summers and cold winters example Toronto

54. the effects of mountains

55. cooler that places at lower altitudes often with heavy rain fall found near the coast line

56. the effect of climate on faring

57. a good climate is need to grow plants

58. the effects of soil

59. darker and thicker the soil fertility it is it is better to grow plants. ice or frozen soil can not grow plants.

60. the effects of natural vegetation

61. plants landforms climate and soil

62. By: Keseni sankarabalan