TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Klaas ten Holt The Composer and His Grief

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TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Klaas ten Holt The Composer and His Grief by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Klaas ten Holt  The Composer and His Grief

1. About

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1.2. ...the author

1.2.1. Klaas ten Holt

1.2.2. @KlaastenHolt

1.2.3. www.klaastenholt.nl

1.3. ...this talk

1.3.1. Themes Music

1.3.2. Related talks

1.3.3. Reactions Klaas ten Holt "the composer and his grief" What role does music play in the process of mourning? #TEDxAms Emotional story & projection by Klaas ten Holt at #tedxams

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3. from Stokhuizen to Johnny Cash

4. composer of contemporary music

4.1. work from peace to peace

4.2. from performance

4.3. as gitarist

4.3.1. teaching music

5. was shocked 20 years ago

5.1. father great jazz music lover

5.2. got prostatic cancer: greatly reducing his life

5.3. stopped listening to music

5.3.1. music was the lowest form of art from now on

5.3.2. was not nice to say to me (his son) studing music

6. a year ago

6.1. his wife (Bibian) got pacreatic cancer

6.1.1. we both couldn't believe it

6.1.2. Only had one more year to live

6.1.3. an echo had been made were shocked

6.2. both felt we had to do something

6.2.1. do only important meaningful things

6.2.2. after 3 sleepless days a new phases of their lives stared

6.3. he realised the music (Stokhuizen/Stravinski)

6.3.1. the loved music didn't mean anything anymore

6.3.2. he enjoyed simple songs good chorus melody

6.3.3. themes love loneliness

6.3.4. artist as Johnny Cash

7. further on

7.1. she started writing a blog

7.1.1. When she got too sick she stopped

7.1.2. And i took over

7.2. Examples of Youtube videos of Klaas & Bibian

7.3. she wrote a book

7.3.1. Paniekspinnen

7.4. they got an energy boost by this bad news

7.5. realization

7.5.1. all that mattered friends family do important things i love do it with love and passion

7.5.2. why did it take so long to realise?