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TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Rory Sutherland The Next Revolution Will Be Psychological, Not Technological by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2012
Rory Sutherland 
The Next Revolution Will Be
Psychological, Not
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TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Rory Sutherland The Next Revolution Will Be Psychological, Not Technological

game theoric approach

Why do woman like flowers/jewelry from men?

because men don't like them

woman know that

Customer satisfactory is worth something when it costs them something (effort for example)

example: British Gas Meter app

Rational versus irrational decision making

people almost never get fired for rational decisions

where are our competitors 'measurebating'?

if you succeed in this, you'll achieve general succes


...the author

Rory Sutherland, @rorysutherland

...this talk

Reactions, One of my favorite ted speakers @rorysutherland #tedxams, Now @rorysutherland at #tedxams being very amusing ánd inspiring, Rory Sutherland: traditional economy is a form of measurebation! #TEDxAMS, With inventing a word, you're inventing a norm @rorysutherland at #tedxams, Love "measurebation" term by @rorysutherland #TEDxAms, Mind f*ckups van @RorySutherland #TEDxAms, Innovation might be about understanding what people realtime want and create them with the most effect and lesser costs #rory #TEDxAms, The next revolution may not be technical, but psycological. Because VALUE is created in PERCEPTION #TEDxAms @rorysutherland, Another great talk @rorysutherland #TEDxAMS. Missed your rum-color trousers though :)

Clicker is like Gin & Tonic

Most potent thing you can do to change human behaviour is to popularize a word

Makes it common

provides human proof

Brilliant marketing case

phrase: designated driver, in holland always called BOB

Inventors put it in popular soap series

became popular and the concept, it was easily understood

new book on customer experience


word stems from digital photography

'measurebaters', they fixate on the technical details of lenses

men do it more and woman do

digital photographer, men like all tech specs, pixels, they take shit photgraphs

financialization of everything

'Opposition of measurebation'

Complexity theory

economics should be about people (Peter Drucker)

They where interested in the behavior of commodities, not people

mathematically model human behaviour

Requires complex mathemathics

Karl Popper

exists on a spectrum between clouds & clocks

worst mistakes made in society

model complex this as being easy things

Austrian school of economics

made 2 distinctions

1 Human behaviour not expressible in mathematics

2 economics and discipline should be subordinate to psychology

there is no distinction in value

No difference in a restaurant between cooking the meal and mopping the floor

innovation and marketing are 2 ways you create value

1 what people want and thinking of a way to make it

2 Invent something and think of a way to make people like it

The Next Revolution Will Be Psychological, Not Technological

Assumption that innovation is just making new stuff is wrong

Perhaps we should look at things from the other side of the lens

Movie of illusion

Bar of Far? have a look at this link

You have difficulties if something makes the same sound but looks different

measurebaters often change the wrong things

They often change things people don't need changed

example of what worked well

London underground put up matrix boards years ago

knowing you'll wait 8 minutes is better than having to wait 6 minutes in uncertainty