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TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Valentijn De Hingh Why Did I Choose? by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2012
Valentijn De Hingh 
Why Did I Choose?
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TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Valentijn De Hingh Why Did I Choose?


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Valentijn De Hingh

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Themes, Individuality, Sexuality, Power in self

Reactions, RT @liekev: Love Valentijn de Hingh, beautiful inside and out! #transgender #TEDxAms, RT @vangeest: I like the extremes today at #TEDxAMS. Very Dutch. Very eighties., Valentijn de Hingh: Gender is not important. No matter what, I will always be myself. #TEDxAMS, Powerful, powerful Talk by Valentijn de Hingh on identity and, ultimately, being yourself #TEDxAms

When i was 5

wanted to be a disney character

favourite was Ariel the little mermaid

Now: her story may relate to mine

was a girl who needed tot change her body

earliest memory

At 5 years old

told mom: going to cut this peepee off someday

When are you a girl or a boy?

Realm of feeling involved when feeling gender

Didn't have a voice inside me that told me what i was

Wouldn't be able to say something about my body if i didn't undergo the gender change

Surgery & recovery

Surgery provided me with heaps of pain

During recovery i realized my life picked up where i had left it

Cutting stuff off doesn't change anything inside you

To the world i seemed 'figured out'

but really, i wasn't

Did gender matter to me?


i'm happy now

Because i'll always be myself

despite the whole proces of figuring out gender

no matter what, i will always be myself