TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Tinkebell Everything Is Permitted

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TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Tinkebell Everything Is Permitted by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Tinkebell Everything Is Permitted

1. had a 4 fourth cat

1.1. cat pinkeltje got sick (9 years ago)

1.1.1. euthanise her cat

1.2. she though it would be nice to take the cats with her

1.3. she made a bag out of it

1.4. uses skin/fur

1.5. investigate what it would be

1.5.1. we all have leather shoes and bags

1.5.2. cows get killed for that

1.5.3. would it be different if a 'friend' of us would be uses for a bag

2. Paris Hilton

2.1. 2nd dog became an accessory

2.1.1. tinkerbell

2.2. made a bag form her own cat

2.3. worked with roadkills

2.3.1. dogs

2.3.2. cats

2.4. published a book out of all the hate mails

2.4.1. "Dearest Tinkebell"

3. Facebook

3.1. people started anti-Tinkeball Facebook pages

3.2. howto?

3.2.1. show the anger towards tinkebell

3.2.2. worsen the story

3.3. the notion of truths has taken new meaning

4. About

4.1. ...the author

4.1.1. Tinkebell More information on Wikipedia @looovetinkebell

4.2. ...this talk

4.2.1. Reactions getting sick watching Tinkelbell #TEDxAMS now on stage at #tedxams @looovetinkebell the girl who previously made a hand bag out of her cat http://fxn.ws/11puD1D #animalrights OMG! A Dutch artist Tinkebell speaks about how "cool" it is if u take out eyes of a hamster with a spoon!! She's inspired by that! #TEDxAms @HarteKr8t ideas create and ideas destroy #tedxams @rensdejong Never mind @looovetinkebell Have we been tricked? I've seen a dozen people leaving so far, listening to Tinkebell #TEDxAms @TEDxAms Tinkerbell and the new meaning of "truth" on internet age. http://looovetinkebell.com Great speech @ #TEDxAms

5. huge animal lover

5.1. like the most

5.1.1. investigate how to use them

5.1.2. example: hamster eyes pop out

5.1.3. if you squeeze them hard the eyes pop out

5.1.4. the hamster forgets after few minutes it has lost it's eyes..

5.1.5. cats play with them

6. in South Korea

6.1. people eat dogs

6.2. use their skin and make something out of it

6.3. tarvels yearly to South Korea

6.3.1. buys dog skins

6.3.2. makes art out of them

7. buys turles

7.1. sells them to restaurants in NL

7.2. make also art out of the shell

8. can now make art with out killing dogs

8.1. makes art by letting dogs throw (barf) up

8.2. and on the canvas

9. in Reality:

9.1. tinkebell

9.1.1. has 3 cats

9.1.2. is vegetarian

9.1.3. gets hatemails threat mails

9.1.4. is an artist